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Little EJ's journal from 12-14 months

Oh Yes! My baby is already 1 year 2 months old (today, 26th June 2014) and he has grown up so much! From one little half bald chubby baby into one adorable little man, I just feel so blessed to have him in my life (and of course little peanut in my belly too) ^^

Updating this blog while watching him napping beside me peacefully. I feel like kissing & smelling him instead of tying words, hahaaa...

If you are my Facebook friends, probably you just need to skip this post, because I update his milestone almost every day on my Facebook and this blog post is kind of 'copy & paste' from my Facebook. I write too many about him, yes you may think I'm obsessed with my own son but not really ~ I just want to remember what's going on and just in case I miss his childhood many years in the future, I will read this blog post again :)

Here's my little journal about my son from 12 months to 14 months and let's take a peek!

May 2, 2014 ~ I have been so sleepy.. I think baby EJ's first set of molars coming in soon.. He wakes up so many times in 1 night & can't sleep through the night.. So far he has 4 front teeth & 4 bottom teeth...

May 4, 2014 ~ Today is baby EJ's first trip to Jakarta, it's 1 day trip though ~ morning to night but traveling with a young toddler for 1 day trip is exactly the same as traveling for 3 day trip.. 1 diaper bag, 1 small bag full of toys to entertain him, 1 stroller & 1 big luggage (to bring some gifts for our Indonesian relatives, bring back some stuff, bring his porridge & baby food & bring bottles of clean water to drink & sterilize, I'm paranoid over clean water in Indonesia), efforts are meticulous! But it will be worth it because baby EJ is going to meet his Indonesian family & 78 year old great grandma for the first time it's going to be a great family reunion

May 5, 2014 ~ Baby EJ at 12 months old: 12 kg & 84 cm, oh yeah, surely a tall fella!

May 11, 2014 ~ My young toddler has been learning how to pick his own boogers, put inside his mouth & chew it. He eats his own boogers from his nose.. Yucks, disgusting!!

May 13, 2014 ~ Baby EJ is so scared when we said "Eat porridge..." He would cry so loud when we said "Eat porridge..." Apparently he understands these 2 words means feeding time & he hates that so much LOL

May 14, 2014 ~ 39.5 deg fever, poor EJ, high fever a week after chicken pox jab it's still his mother who knows him, cares him the most during his hard times and his mother who acts fast based on mother's instinct and it's his mother who can't sleep at all and worries so much when her baby is sick.. I now believe mother's love is greater than anything.. Never knew that before I became a mother myself..

May 16, 2014 ~ Baby EJ finally recovered from his fever, please God, don't let him sick anymore. I realize he's becoming more and more interactive with us, although he hasn't talked yet. At almost 13 months, he's trying to copy our actions all time.. Example: when we tap our feet, he will follow & tap his little feet too and that's adorable ~ he looks like dancing and when we close our face with 2 hands, he will follow that too (instead he closes his 2 ears coz he can't see if he closes his eyes LOL), he's able to play hide and seek with us ~ we hide & he finds us and finally today, he's trying to feed me with his toy spoon repeatedly~ he knows how to feed his mommy!!

May 17, 2014 ~ Apparently baby EJ thinks every lady with long legs wearing shorts is his mommy (when he stands up, without looking at the face). There was one time in the lift, he randomly hugged one lady's thigh (thinking it must be me) for so long **so embarrassed** after a while he held the lady's thigh and looked up.. He realized it wasn't his mommy and his expression was priceless, he just ran away LOL. The reason he hugs my leg is I'm the way too tall standing next to him, so that leg is what he can reach & sometimes he needs to hold me tight before looking up to avoid falling backward.. It's like a little man looking at top of super high building. Heehee...

May 23, 2014 ~ It started 2 weeks ago when he learned how to feed himself with spoon and when I opened my mouth "aaaahh..." He figured out how to feed his mommy and since then, whenever he self-feeds himself, he will end up feeding his mommy too LOL, another milestone at almost 13 months old is when I said "awww I'm so cute..." He will put his 2 tiny hands on his chubby cheeks and he will act cute (yes I taught him that trick and he has mastered it well) and he loves to dance when he hears "bom bom pow" song and it's just so adorable ~ will upload baby dancing video when I have a chance to record him dancing to hip hop music
May 26, 2014 ~ Baby EJ " today I'm 13 months old and my mommy is 31 years old, we are very blessed..." (Btw, I always act like this, 2 hands on my cheeks every time my mommy says "awww I'm so cute..." Mommy taught me that..)

May 28, 2014 ~ My little boy just woke up with a sweet smile for his mommy I sang to him "Twinkle Twinkle little...." And he continued "aaahh..." (He was trying to say "star" but came out as "aaahh...")

May 28, 2014 ~ It's really hard to cut down baby EJ's milk habit and to let him eat more solid than having tons of milk. At 13 months old, he's still having at least 5 times of milk a day (each 180-200ml). His diet is a little weird to me. His breakfast is only milk and more milk. He wakes up once or sometimes twice for midnight feeding, just like an infant, in fact he's a young toddler now and he needs milk every 3 hours or he will go wild

 5am~ milk
8am~ milk
11am~ milk
1pm~porridge (half cup ~ not much I know but that's the most he can eat)
3pm~ milk
5pm~porridge or purée ( he prefers fruit purée)
7pm~ purée (yes super soft baby purée and he wants that only ~ about 1 cup)
9pm~ milk

I'm still looking forward for the day he can eat proper food like rice, noodles, pasta, etc.. Often I'm jealous with friends' babies who can eat rice.. And I know with baby EJ it's gonna be a long wait ~ I will wait for that milestone

Little Dancing Baby

June 1, 2014 ~ EJ waiting for the train he loves taking MRT (but max 2 stations only hahaa...)

June 1, 2014 ~ This morning baby EJ was being too sweet... I used to watch him sleep and this morning was the other way round.. He watched me sleep! I woke up with a pair of sweet eyes watching me and giving me a sweet morning smile as soon as I opened my eyes, he didn't wake me up at all, instead he was watching & waiting for me to wake up.

June 1, 2014 ~ First word baby EJ said was "star" (he said as "taaaa..."). That's the only word except mama, papa, dada, baba, lala.. He remembers this word very well from twinkle twinkle little star song.. When I sing "twinkle twinkle little..." He continues "taaaa..." (star) And I sing again "how I wonder what you..." He continues again "ahhh..." (are). At 13 months old, he remembers song lyrics pretty well and he knows how to continue ba ba black sheep too sometimes he knows the song too well, before I finish my first lyric "twinkle twinkle..." He cuts me off first by saying "taaa..." before I have the chance to finish the whole lyric

June 5, 2014 ~ At 13 months old, he knows how to copy our action very well.. One of it is using the telephone, he knows how to dial numbers (randomly pressed) then put the phone in his ears and start talking (ahhh..dada...baba...) pretending he's on the phone. This naughty boy randomly called strangers and they called us back of course & we had to explained "sorry, it's the baby.." ^^

June 6, 2014 ~ At 13.5 months, his new milestone is he knows how to ask FAVOUR...This morning, he grabbed his baby yogurt melt from the table and passed it to me, so I can open the zip lock bag and give him one yogurt melt or asking anyone who can open for him. (he tried to open it & obviously couldn't do it). When he holds something, it belongs to him unless he wants you to do something with it. Example: open it!! His communication skill using body language is also getting better. He opens his mouth and points his throat and that means he's thirsty & he's asking for water.

June 9, 2014 ~ As usual, baby EJ woke up at 6.30am and after he had his milk, we would spend sometime together on the bed, just to cuddle, chit-chat and sing a song. And as usual I caressed his hair softly and my fingers running through his soft locks. He looked at me & I knew what he was thinking! He wanted to do the same too! Within seconds, his tiny fingers were already on my hair. But unfortunately my hair was tied up and so his little fingers couldn't run through my hair fully and he ended up pulling my hair out instead of caressing it (baby EJ is a copier, he copies us all the time. He even knows how to brush his own hair now)

June 13, 2014 ~ EJ's soft curl hair I really love it but his hair is getting thicker & longer and hot humid weather makes him so sweaty, I wanna cut but feel so 'Sayang' (wasted)

June 15, 2014 ~ Happy Father's Day to my awesome husband and daddy to my little EJ and soon-to-come baby peanut, you're awesome!!

June 16, 2014 ~ Yao Lan no more, finally we dismantled his Yao Lan today. At 13 months 20 days old, baby EJ weaned himself off from Yao Lan and no longer wanted to nap there anymore.. Keeping it for baby peanut ^^ (** Yao Lan is Chinese baby rocker/swing/hammock)

June 18, 2014 ~ New milestone for Baby EJ at 13 months 22 days old.. He now knows how to open door knobs. My 13 month old can do that? I closed all room doors to prevent him from entering and creating a mess and I just witnessed he tip-toed, reached his hand as high as possible and opened him himself with the eyes of victory! Another milestone is he knows how to take off his own shirt, singlet type and within seconds, he gets himself naked! Those milestones are too early for his age to achieve, at least 24 months old I read but he's fast and He's really good at copying & figuring out stuff!

June 20, 2014 ~ The other day, my 9 year old niece came to my house and she needed to use my toilet to shower and she had the habit of leaving the toilet door unlocked (kid is afraid of ghost or something). While half way through her shower, she shouted in panic "HELPPP!!!! my toilet door is suddenly opened widely" she must be afraid of ghost sneaking in, she was scared to her life!! You know who did that?? The culprit was BABY EJ, he knew how to open door knob at 13 months old & since baby EJ is only 84 cm tall, my niece couldn't see him but freaked out when somebody "invisible" opened her toilet door. LOL!!!

June 22, 2014 ~ At almost 1 year 2 months old, he knows how to unlock his milk bottle (and it's locked pretty tight). It seems easy for an adult to do it but it actually requires technique to open it (just like opening a mineral water cap) Firstly, hold the bottle with your left hand and secondly, rotate it to the right side a few times to unlock the bottle. I never taught him that and he figured it out himself. Tight bottle unlocked in 2 secs, I'm still wondering how did he do that? How did he figure that out that early? It amazes me how he learned & mastered technical stuff that early & quickly (ex: opening a door knob). Although he's pretty advanced for technical stuff but he's lacking of 1 thing, which is talking..

June 25, 2014 ~ For the past 4 nights, baby EJ has been sleeping through the night, he didn't ask for milk midnight and woke up at 7-7.30am each time. Yes, I have my golden secret to share the secret is simple, TALK to the baby each night before he goes to bed and TALK to the baby every time he attempts to wake up midnight for milk. It works! This is how I talk to him "EJ, please be a good boy & sleep through the night, wake up at 7 am plus for milk and prove to us that you are ready to be a big brother.." Repeated & repeated! (Instead of the usual me "oh no EJ, why don't you sleep through, I'm so sleepy..") You may think baby doesn't understand what we are talking about, he might not understand our language but there's a myth or belief that baby understands mother's words spiritually. I learned this from an old friend of mine who has a super cranky toddler whenever she's in the car.. My friend said "talk to her nicely & she will behave well" it's a myth, whether you believe it or not" it works on me at least!! (Holistic Approach)

June 26, 2014 ~ Baby EJ is 14 months old today! See how much he has grown, from a half bald cute chubby baby into one little man now. He looks different!
That's about it from my Facebook journal and here are a few things I want to add:

1) His T.E.M.P.E.R is freaking bad! When he's angry, he will scream, cry, kick his legs, sit down on the floor/sometimes lay down, hide into one corner or even run away to somewhere. He hits our helper too, when he's too angry or even pulls her hair!

2) He knows how to use remote control (yes, he's pointing that to the TV but randomly pressing the buttons)

3) He's not talking yet except baba, dada, nana, tehteh, etc, occasionally no-no-no when he doesn't want something

4) He knows how to shake his head

5) If he's unhappy with someone (Ex: that person doesn't want to give him things he wants) he will run to his mommy and cry (kind of reporting to me that he's being bullied LOL)

6) He loves to guide and teach me. He taught me how to open baby wipe container! He thought I didn't know how, so his tiny hand held my finger & guided me to press the "botton" and he cheered me up once it's opened :)

7) He loves books and loves to stare at colorful pictures

8) He knows how to hold his milk bottle and drink himself without any help at all from the beginning till the end

9) He knows how to self-service when he needs water. He takes his sippy cup (straw type) by himself, open & drink it! Just that he's lazy to close it back after drinking!

That's about it!

~Until Next Journal, to be continued~

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