Tuesday, 8 July 2014

18 weeks pregnant with baby no.2

Can you believe I'm already 18 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby? It seems like yesterday I found out I was expecting & I didn't expect it to happen that quick either! :) Seriously, it felt like yesterday when I held my first newborn and here I'm expecting again! Last year, in 2013 I gave birth to baby EJ and this year, 2014, I will be delivering another baby in early December! I'm excited but scared at the same time, I don't know what to expect of having 1 young toddler and a newborn under one roof!

2nd trimester is all well. I'm feeling good, I don't have certain craving and I'm not feeling that hungry which is good, heehee.. My energy level is pretty good, I'm not that sleepy and yes, I can walk for long with no problem so far :)

Weight Gain: 1 kg every month. When I was pregnant with baby EJ, I gained 4-5 kg per month in my 2nd trimester which was crazy. My weight gain in my 2nd pregnancy has been slow and I guess it's because of my 'normal' appetite. I don't snack! I just eat 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch & dinner) and I don't feel hungry nor having huge appetite to eat extra just like a pregnant lady!

Craving: None but I like fruits (mango, watermelon, honeydew and grapes, etc) and I like spicy foods too (actually it's not related to pregnancy, I have been crazy about sour & spicy foods for my whole life as I remember)

Skin: Pretty good, no acnes, I can't complain much! But it's a little dry here and there, so I moisturize daily!

Hair: Normal, I can't see it's getting thicker or shinier (opposite with baby EJ, I had super luscious hair)

Morning Sickness: No more! I had morning sickness, nausea without vomiting from week 6 to week 12, after that, I'm all good!

Stretch Mark: None. Please stay away!

Gender: To be confirmed very soon, yes, this month!

Constipation: Yes!!! That's my problem and I feel so uncomfortable!

Sleeping Well: I would say yes! Some days, I can't sleep, it takes me so long to fall asleep but most days, I'm fine!

Frequent Urination: Yes! Yes! Yes! I need to pee every hour during the day and every 2-3 hours when I'm sleeping

Exercise: Can I consider carrying a 12 kg baby an exercise? Yes, I still carry my 14 month bundle of joy every day and he still wants his mummy so much! Besides, I'm still doing house works as a SAHM such as doing laundry, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning toys, washing dishes, cooking for my toddler, etc..

Maternity Clothes: Not yet! I still can fit into my normal shirts & pants

Baby Movement: Yes!! I can feel peanut's movement but very softly, almost unnoticeable

Baby Kick: Not yet and I'm looking forward! 

Swelling: None, but I feel bloated!

Backache: Yes, I have terrible backache when I do house works and carry a 12 kg baby. Is it due to my weak back (I had epidural during my delivery last year, could it be the long term effect?) or is it due to pregnancy? Something to ask during my next appointment

Belly Button: In for now

Baby size: At 18 weeks, I'm not sure how big peanut is but my last ultrasound at 15 weeks, peanut was 8.7 cm from top to bottom

Baby Preparation: I'm all ready, baby! I think peanut's stuff is 90% complete haahaa... I just feel it's best to do baby shopping when tummy is not huge yet. I can walk better, therefore I can pick the right stuff and go for the best deals heehee..
Baby Name: if it's a girl, her name will start with "C" (her name means 'most beautiful & fairest') Well, I decided this name is because of a dream I had about one beautiful little girl (which I will tell later here when peanut's gender is confirmed anyway) If it's a boy, his name will start with "L" :)

Mother's instinct on baby gender: My instinct said girl and I hope it's correct!

Baby peanut at 15 weeks and peanut is already 18 weeks in my tummy now! Time flies!

14 weeks plus
At 15 weeks, my bump was very tiny and I could fit into my normal clothes & pants (not even a little tight) and I can still fit into my normal clothes at 18 weeks now (although it's getting a little tighter now)

17 weeks and can you spot a bump? I don't have picture taken at 18 weeks though, I reckon the bump size is still pretty much the same, hehee..
 Baby EJ reaching for his little brother or sister :)

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