Thursday, 18 September 2014

28 weeks pregnancy update & preterm labor risk

Baby girl is already 28 weeks in my belly now and we are already in our 3rd trimester. I still can't believe how time flies so fast ~ I remember when I was pregnant with EJ, time was so so slow because I technically didn't have anything to do except waiting for my due date but this time round, I keep myself busy with my 16 month old baby boy, so time just went on like that..

I went for my monthly prenatal check-up yesterday, at 28 weeks, Baby Cal is growing well & healthily although she's pretty small for her size (maybe because she's a girl?) With a strong heartbeat and steady growth (she's 1.1 kg & 22 cm from top to bottom, her weight has increased 400grams for the past 1 month), doctor didn't seem to have concern over her well being BUT doctor said something pretty shocking to me! Baby Cal's head is dropping very low and I'm at higher risk of having preterm labor. Doctor asked me to be more careful, rest well, do not carry heavy things and do not squat because if baby's head position is that low, I could go into labor anytime or feel contraction pain and it could happen very fast unpredictably. So I guess it's like a time-bomb right now?

However, doctor didn't mention if her head is already engaged or not ~ a big relief! I'm praying she can hang on until 37 weeks (full term) in mid November.. 2 more months, I'm praying hard! I can't imagine myself giving birth prematurely at 7 or 8 months pregnant and have to visit Baby Cal at NICU daily (touchwood), it's going to break my heart badly and I don't want that to happen but deep inside, I believe she's a strong girl and she will only come when she's officially full term (that's mother instinct!) ~ nothing much I can do except rest & eat well, pray and think positively, right?

Doctor's concern freaking me out, I googled like mad yesterday, trying to find out if anyone had similar case like mine but ended up with a full term baby and to my relief, women had similar case like mine did end up having a full term or past due date baby or some had it at 34 weeks ~ at least at a good gestational age :) So, that's the good thing! Baby comes when she's ready! Having said that, of course I need to take care myself well & do not take things for granted!

Btw, do you remember my writing at 24 weeks about low amniotic fluid? At 24 weeks, doctor was concerned about my low amniotic fluid and asked me to rest more. I did google that and found out that dehydration can cause low amniotic fluid. So I realized I only drank max 2 liters of water or less every day, so I increased my water intake to 3-4 liters a day, so you know what happened in a month time? To my surprise, at 28 weeks, doctor said my amniotic fluid is back to normal ~ just enough for the baby. So, as long as I maintain to drink 3-4 liters a day, amniotic fluid is not a big concern anymore. So, please ladies, take this as a note!!

Another thing that making me sad about my current situation is Baby EJ ~ lately he's very attached me, always want to stay beside me, sit on my lap, cuddle me & want me to carry him all time. Not that I carried him for a long time, normally it's like carrying him for 1-2 minutes, then putting him down on my lap but I did that many times ~ back and forth ~ squat/bend down & up (not supposed to do that!) And doctor has warned me not to carry him anymore. It puts me at a dangerous risk of having a preterm labor now :(

So, yesterday, I went on full cold turkey ~ not to carry him or allowed him to sit on my lap (he's heavy, so it's quite a pressure), he cried like mad, reaching his hands to me, wishing his mommy to carry him. My heart broke so badly ~ he must have thought I didn't love him anymore. I felt like crying together with him ~ told him I love him so much that my heart is breaking into tiny pieces. I know he's in good hands of my trusted helper but I'm missing our bonding terribly much already! I keep telling him, another 2 more months, please bear with mommy!! Hope he will understand!

Anyway, I try my best not to feel bad over EJ or feel too worried over Cal ~ I'm trying to relax ~ that's the best thing I can do now ~ stress can trigger labor, right?

Something I found online and to share with fellow mommies ~ apparently the best interval between the first birth and conceiving the 2nd baby is at least 18 months, anything less than that will increase premature labor and low birth weight which I'm at greater risk right now.. The interval between the end of my first pregnancy and 2nd pregnancy is only 10 months.. Next time, even I want a 3rd child, I will make sure to have at least 18 months interval between the second and third pregnancy

Other updates are:

1) Baby Cal is now hiccupping in my belly ~ I recognized that fast since this is my second pregnancy
2) Her kicks, punches, jabs are all getting stronger & stronger. I can feel her limbs poking out of my belly already
3) My nausea has come back ~ especially during meal hours but it's a light nausea, so I'm pretty okay!
4) I have been coughing like mad for the past 2 weeks ~ gynae just prescribed me natural cough syrup that is safe for pregnant mom
5) Gained 1.5 kg this month, not bad!
6) Prenatal check-up is every 3 weeks now! (from every 4 weeks at 1st & 2nd trimester)
7) Peeing like crazy! (since baby's head is very low)
8) Bad itchy rashes on my thighs (hate it!) I put powder to relieve the itchiness!
9) Constipation ~ due to prenatal and calcium supplements I drink ~ luckily gynae prescribed something for me to relieve constipation!
10) Other than that, I'm lucky that I don't have backache or short of breath yet (touchwood)

Supplements from left to right: Iron (because I don't eat much meat in this pregnancy), Fish Oil, Prenatal vitamins, Calcium (because I don't drink milk, feel so nauseas over milk) and lastly, something for my constipation.

Iron, Fish Oil, Prenatal are to be taken together but Calcium is to be taken at night separately. Quite a lot of things, huh? 

Natural cough syrup that is safe for pregnant mom like me ~ quite effective ~ at least my cough is a little better now.
Baby bump ^^

Little bump starting to get bigger and bigger

Last picture carrying my 16 month old son ~ no more picture like this since my condition doesn't allow me to carry him :(

Lastly, I feel so grateful, although I'm at risk of having preterm labor but at least my baby girl is healthy, that's all matter the most to me :)

Keep me in your prayer and I can't wait to have her in my arms in 2 months time :) Meanwhile, just enjoy the last 2 months of my pregnancy while it lasts :)


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