Wednesday, 3 September 2014

An open letter to my unborn daughter ~ Dearest Calysta

Dearest Calysta

Time flies really fast and you have been in my belly for the past 6.5 months. While I'm writing this, you are busy kicking me hard and please continue kicking me ~ I want you to be healthy!

I promise to be a good mommy to you and love you unconditionally. Taking care of you and seeing you grow up well will be my pride, joy and happiness. We will sail our journey together and let's create a beautiful memory that you will remember forever.

I promise to give you a wonderful childhood ~ I have never had one! Nevertheless, I didn't regret it and that motivates me to provide you the best in life

I may not be the best mommy in the world, I make mistakes, learn from it and move on but I love you with all my hearts since the day I conceived you

I have been wanting a little girl since I was a teenager and I already had an imaginary name for my future daughter since a decade ago and have decided the name "Calysta" for you before I even met your daddy. That shows how much you are wanted. I hope this name will not only make you beautiful from the outside but from the inside too.

Your pretty dresses are hung beautifully in your pink closet and I can't wait to see you wearing it in December but at the same time, I wanna enjoy you and your little kicks in my belly a little longer because I know I will miss being pregnant with you once you are out of my belly :)

Calysta, as your mommy, I want you to have the best but it's okay not "to be the best" because you can always have the best in life, a fulfilling life without being the best and that matters more than anything else. I know you will experience a lot of things in life when you grow up. Some are pleasant, some are not and although I don't wish you to have unpleasant experience in life but bad experience you face in a life is the best teacher to you ~ not me ~ I can teach you but you need to feel and experience yourself to be a better person. Learn from your mistakes, forgive yourself and move on! Don't worry, I'm always here to guide you!

I just want you to know I don't really have certain expectation when it comes it you ~ I just want you to be healthy and happy ~ live your life as there's no tomorrow.

In your dating life, you will meet both good and bad boys. You will get your heart broken once or twice and I promise that will make you a stronger woman, your heart will be stronger too! Don't be afraid of that! Don't judge a man by his look, he may be good looking but he may not worth your love and affection. Instead, go for a man with good heart, a man who is responsible, loves you with all his heart, loves his parents and will be taking care of you well. Love is all about making mistakes, forgive & forget and move on.

Dearest Calysta, don't be afraid to say "sorry" even you think you are not at fault ~ really, it doesn't matter. A "sorry" can turn sour thing into one sweet thing and always remember "sorry" and "thank you" are both very powerful words and you should use it often ~ I promise those short simple words can improve your relationship with people around you.

Help others in any possible ways as you can ~ a simple act will bring you endless happiness, I promise. You don't have to donate a fortune if you can't afford it but a simple thing like bringing a cup of coffee to a security uncle you see daily in your office or giving a seat to a more needy person can brighten up your days. Have a passion in volunteering work and I promise you will see your own happiness ~ more than having pretty heels or branded bags in your closet.

It's okay to cry but remember there's always a sunny sun after a heavy rain ~ so just cry it out, let your tears flow down and move on after that because there are more wonderful things waiting for you ~ you may not know it now but always believe when one sad thing arrives, a brighter happiness will follow. Hey, that's the rule of life, a positive and a negative, a black and a white, same goes with sadness and happiness. One follows another. So think positively!

Things happen for a reason. Always believe that and do not blame yourself for what has happened. It's okay to cry and feel sad but do not stay in sadness for a long time. An unseen happiness is waiting for you and soon you will have that happiness back when the storm with heavy rain is over :)

3 things are to be cared the most as a woman apart from having a good heart, these are teeth, hair and skin.. Care these 3 things and I promise you will look sophisticated and live a youthful life. It's not about how much make up to make you look beautiful but it's all about how well you have taken care yourself of. Having no make-up but with beautiful of straight white teeth accompanied by healthy skin and hair will make you more beautiful inside-out. A beautiful woman is a confident woman! Always go for natural look although there's nothing with heavy make-up once a while. After all, life is about experimental! However, natural makes you look more classy & sophisticated! 

Lastly, life is about compromise. There's always something to gain and something to lose. It's alright to lose something. Just remember this, the more you lose, the more you gain. That's the game of life!

I wish you the best in life my dearest daughter and of course, keep staying healthy in my womb until end of this November or early December! I always wonder how will you look like :)

Love you always,

3 September 2014

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