Sunday, 24 August 2014

24 weeks pregnancy update & my worries

I'm already 6 months pregnant and time seems to fly really fast. I just went to my monthly prenatal check up yesterday. Everything was well except my amniotic fluid. Doctor said my water is not much but he didn't have any concerns, he asked me to rest more & leave the baby care to other person. My urine had a little bit of protein too which he asked me to drink more water. Baby Cal is growing well (that's good news for us!) She is about 700 grams (Doctor said it's a very good weight for her gestational age) and about 20 cm from head to bottom and she's measuring a week ahead. Her current position is head down, legs up (and again Doctor never raised his concern). I have so far gained 1 kg from week 20 to week 24 (not much but as long as baby's weight is fine, gaining a little in pregnancy is fine too)

Although Doctor didn't have much concern about my low amniotic fluid (I guess it should be on the lower-normal end), he just said rest, rest and rest! All looking good but deep inside I CAN'T! Yes, I'm worried about Baby Cal, I'm worried something bad could happen to her and I'm freaking out! I have been checking Google about this issue and it seemed like Google gave me both good advice and scary stories like birth-prematurity, baby's lung or kidney problems which seriously freaking me out :'( Maybe I shouldn't read Google too much & just follow my Doctor's advise to rest well!

Honestly every pregnancy is a scare to me. I remember when I was 36 weeks pregnant with baby EJ, I rushed my self to hospital because I felt EJ wasn't so active. And I panicked like hell. And also when I was into my early pregnancy with Baby Cal, I had blood in my uterus and Doctor said it wasn't a stable pregnancy and asked me to rest more. I rested and Baby Cal continued to grow well and here comes another concern (although it's not my Doctor's concern) but it's my concern and my worry. I just want Baby Cal to stay healthy and come to us in this November or early December. I will be officially full term in this mid of November, a few more months to go, so baby girl, please stay well like you are now, okay?

It's also kind of breaking my heart knowing I have to leave baby EJ care to my helper or mil full time as he's very active and I have to rest well & I'm no longer allowed to carry him. Imagine, he's only 1 year 3 months old and his mommy can't carry him for a few months. That will break both of our hearts. Nevertheless, I'm still trying my best to bond with him through reading, watching video together, light-playing or just cuddling. I hope he understands mommy needs to care his little sister, so she can arrive safely :)

Baby Cal has been kicking so actively and I can feel her moving all the time, sometimes my belly feels a little sore from her kicking but I hope she remains her strong kicks. I don't mind at all, it shows that she's all well and that's the only thing matters to me :)

I read that low amniotic fluid can be caused by dehydration. Many women drank liters of water to increase the amniotic fluid level. I really really hope that my "not much" water in my belly is caused by dehydration and could be fixed, simply by drinking more water. I hope that's really my case. I drink liters of water and hopefully my next check up (4 weeks later), my amniotic level is back to normal. I pray hard for that!! 4 weeks is a long wait & I'm both nervous & worried!!

I also feel a little bit guilty over my diet for this 2nd pregnancy. It seems like I took things for granted which I deeply regretted it. I craved for Hawaiian Pizza, fast foods and Pepsi and I had at least 2 cans of Pepsi a week, not forgetting other kind of comfort soft drinks and tea going into my stomach. I haven't been eating healthy in this pregnancy. I didn't eat vegetables or meat enough and I didn't drink enough water too. I drank like 7 to 8 cups a day which apparently wasn't enough. A pregnant woman must drink at least 2-3 liters of water a day. Or 2 cups each hour, one for mommy & one for her baby. So I hope that was the cause of my low amniotic fluid, not other worrying cause.

The other thing I regretted was I think I over-walked. I walked a lot in this pregnancy, I carried heavy groceries, carried my 13 kg son, sent my son to his baby class ~ walking far with heavy diaper bag back and forth. From now onwards, I will take care my body better & I won't take anything for granted

I have so far been drinking plenty of water, totally avoiding soda & soft drinks and focusing on healthier diet. I really hope baby Cal continues on staying strong & healthy just like baby EJ when he was in his mommy's belly

Maybe I'm over worrying but she's my baby, I love her as much as I love her older brother, so that's mother's love I guess ~ worrying every single thing since pregnancy.

As much as I wanted to do more baby shopping, for both babies ~ the 15 month old & the one in my belly but I put my desire to shop on hold first. I need to rest & when I'm better (my water is back to normal), I will continue my shopping.

Belly is noticeable already :)
 And our daughter's name is

I decided to reveal her name early because I just felt ready... She has her own identity and that's not very cool to address her as 'peanut' all the time hehee...

Calysta means most beautiful & fairest and Avalyn means beautiful life, we hope she's not only beautiful from the outside but from the inside too & she will live a beautiful life just like her name :)

Till Next Time & Wish me a super super smooth pregnancy ^^


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