Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Baby #2 is a GIRL, the 20th month pregnancy update

We are expecting a little princess :)

I found out the baby gender last week when I was 20 weeks plus pregnant (I'm now in my 21st week of pregnancy) Last week, not only I found out baby peanut's gender, but I also had my last OSCAR test which turned out to be fine (baby peanut is healthy, thanks God!)

I was so nervous, not only nervous about gender surprise but I worried about peanut too and at the end, gender didn't matter anymore, I just wanted a healthy baby but God answered my prayer (I wished for a baby girl) and my wish came true, so here's peanut, a girl :)

Last Friday, my husband took a day off to accompany me to have my OSCAR test and also to find out peanut's gender and I was so so nervous, in the waiting room, I felt like my palms were sweating and my heart was beating fast like crazy! And the ultrasound technician called my name

First, I saw peanut's side profile and peanut was so adorable. Little peanut waved her hands to us to say "Hello mommy & daddy!" My husband asked directly "so, it's a boy or a girl?" A question that I was so nervous to ask.

She checked and said "I think the baby doesn't want to show you, maybe later..." My heart dropped!

And the technician kept on continuing checking peanut's organs and other stuff until...

15 minutes later, the ultrasound technician surprised us with her soft voice "you are having a princess..." She continued "look, there's a labia here & no penis found so far..."

It was one of the best moments in my life. I felt something like warm air flushing inside my heart and within seconds my eyes were teary and I wanted to cry but I held back my tears (it's embarrassing to cry). I couldn't believe it's a girl and I felt like I was in my dream land for the next 2 days and couldn't stop smiling & imagining things. I know it's very silly :D and I'm now back to reality, yes yes yes it's a girl and I can now use "she" or "her". It still feels a little awkward to use "she" or "her" because I have gotten used to call baby EJ "he" or "him", so you know, the transition is a little awkward :D

It's natural wanting a girl when I already have 1 boy (or vice versa) and I'm so lucky to hit the gender lottery and have both genders! Although I didn't know about baby girl at all (have gotten used to taking care baby boy) but I'm looking forwards to things like having girl talk, dates, shopping, movies and beauty time together (I still love my boy so much and nothing can ever change it but with my girl around, our family is finally complete)

I knew I was expecting a baby girl before the 12th month scan (before my doctor gave me a little hint "high chance, it's a girl because there's nothing in between the legs, but don't hope too high since it's very early and male parts could develop later on..."), it was just a very strong maternal instinct that told me the baby in my belly is a girl and also when I was 3 months pregnant, I had this weird dream.

The dream was beautiful, I dreamed about one little girl. She was beautiful & almost perfect to me. I've never dreamed someone I didn't know that clear before. The little girl was about four years old and she was wearing white lacey dress, just like a little angel. She had white porcelain skin the moon reflected off, making her glow like an angel. Her hair was dark brown, medium length but thick, straight and shiny. She had thick fringe too. Her eyes were bright and glowing. Big & beautiful brown eyes she had! But her nose was tiny! Her lips were small but full and rosy. She was one of the most beautiful little girls I've ever seen in my life. And until today, I still remember how she looks like very clearly.

When I had that dream, I was hoping it was a sign given to me that I will be having a little princess, a beautiful girl just like the one who came to my dream and I couldn't help myself, a strong feeling that told me it's a GIRL

And I did old wives tales gender prediction that showed GIRL result, 4 tests out of 5, you can read the post here (you can try it out if you are interested to find out earlier for fun)

And I'm right :) both maternal instinct and old wives tales gender prediction were very correct for my case :)

We have chosen a name for her, a name that represents the fair skinned - beautiful little girl in my dream and her name will start with "C" and ends with "A" and her middle name will start with "A" and ends with "N". Her nick name will be "Cal" (pronounce "kel") Her name means "most beautiful & fairest", as much as I expect her to be beautiful & fair, but that's not very important, most importantly let her be beautiful inside and have a beautiful heart, just like her name :)

A little princess in my belly :)

Peanut aka baby "C" is about 300 grams at 20 weeks :) She's growing well :)
Pregnancy Update:

1) Baby "C" is moving like crazy. She kicks a lot! Whenever I sleep on my left side, she will put pressure (like her body against or pressing a certain part of my womb?). I can feel her all the time now!
2) My weight gain from week 15 to week 20 is about 1 kg, basically I gain like 1 kg every month. I know it's not much of gaining but my doctor didn't have any concerns as long as baby's weight is normal
3) No specific craving this month
4) I still don't need maternity pants/shorts (yes I can fit into my normal shorts, just that I prefer not to button it to make it more comfy)
5) My cheek is so dry, flaky and pinkish. Strong moisturizer with extra hydrating is no longer working :/
6) I literally need to pee every hour :/
7) My boobs are growing like crazy
8) I'm super forgetful and I can't remember now what else to update hahaaa...

That's about it, overall I'm doing fine and I won't complain a thing. I love being pregnant, feeling baby moves and kicks inside me and it's the warmest feeling ever. I will enjoy this pregnancy as much as possible and won't rush anything :)

As long as she's healthy and growing well ~ I'm contented & happy ~

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