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Flu Remedy For Young Toddler

Baby EJ just recovered from his flu today and it took him 4 days to recover. When I first saw clear liquid coming out from his nose, I knew it wasn't a good sign! He was having flu and he made me worried! I got panicked easily when my baby was sick and all I wanted was him being healthy.

He got infected by influenza virus on Friday morning & I gave him flu syrup prescribed by his PD 2 months ago when he had flu but he wasn't getting better on Saturday and he couldn't sleep well because his nose was badly blocked, so I brought him to his PD on Saturday morning. On Tuesday morning, he was all good :)

I have been asking my friends what did they do when their babies had flu and I was glad that I was given good information on how to cure flu fast. Sharing is good and helpful and of course, I hope my little sharing here could help other mommies too :) I know how hard it's to find more information when you are too busy with your baby and when you receive different kind of opinions but unsure about it. I hope I can help a little :) But bear in mind that things work for my child might not work for your child or other way round, but no harm trying though! Being a mum who loves my child so much, I will do whatever it takes for his health to get better.

1) Prescription from PD (flu syrup + nose drop)

Honestly, this worked the best although it wasn't immediate result (first two days taking medication, he was still struggled to breathe with blocked nose) but it cured his flu pretty fast (in 3-4 days)

PD I would like to recommend is Pasir Ris Baby & Child Clinic, Blk 625 Elias Road #02-322. SG-510625, Telp: 6581 0032

Although this PD is not my baby's regular PD, but the medication from this clinic is so far effective for baby EJ, so I stick to Pasir Ris Baby & Child Clinic when baby EJ gets sick :) Another thing I like is this PD prescribed flu syrup that was taken twice a day only, each time 2.5 ml. I can't bear to force feed baby EJ medicine more than twice and luckily it's 2.5 ml only, so it's pretty easy to feed, one shot and that's it! (Baby EJ is 14 months old and almost 13 kg, fyi, medication dosage is according to baby age & weight)

Btw, I asked PD if it is normal for a 14 month old baby to fall sick every 2-3 months? He said yes, very normal for a child at this age. He told me research found that young toddlers fall sick at least 6 times a year while adults fall sick twice or thrice a year. So nothing to worry when nothing major happened!

2) Sterimar Baby Nasal Spray

This product is good! Basically it's made by natural salt water and it's to relieve blocked nose. It can be used up to 6 times and no side effects (PD told me that). It works better than nasal aspirator for older baby who struggles a lot when mommy wants to get mucus out from his nose. How it works? Basically when you spray this into baby's nostril, it will loosen up and dispel the mucus from baby's nose. I tried it, within seconds, a long mucus was out from baby EJ's nose and he could breathe better :)

You can buy this from pharmacies like Guardian, Watsons, etc

A little tip: Young toddlers (like baby EJ) will struggle a lot and sometimes can become so violent when we want to spray or drop liquid into his nose or even feed him medicine and you can swaddle him using long cloth, blanket, or beach towel. When he's fully swaddled, he's no longer able to use his hands to push away his medicine or use his body to reject, so it's easier for you to feed him medicine or to spray his nose without risking breaking his hands or something. :)

3) Nasal Aspirator

There are 2 types and I own both! The first type is the one used in the hospital where you press and release the air to create suction and another one is the one you suck from your mouth. I think it will work better when baby is younger (doesn't struggle much) and I prefer the one using mouth to suck the mucus out because I can see what's going on and have better control (don't worry, boogies or mucus won't get into your mouth). I haven't used Baby Comfort Nose (although I have bought it)because there's no way I can get that stuff near baby EJ's nose! But I'm going to try that on my second baby. No harm buying or trying though, just in case of emergency, you have stuff in hand to use! (at least that's me!)

You can buy pigeon nasal aspirator from Kiddy Palace and Baby Comfy Nose from

4) Essential Oil

A friend of mine recommended this, so I thought no harm trying, right? The essential Oil is from Young Living and it's called RC essential oil. Apparently it claims to work in relieving flu & cough and it's safe for babies too. For young babies, below 30 months, RC essential oil must be diluted with V6 Vegetable oil (each 1 drop) because baby's skin is more sensitive. It claims to work well if it's applied every hour on baby's belly, chest, neck, back, jawline & sole when baby's having flu & cough. For maintenance, just apply twice a day is enough!

I don't like the idea of applying oil every hour because I believe no matter how natural, too much is no good and moderation is the key. When baby EJ was sick, I applied essential oil on him 3 times a day and oh gosh, I love the smell of essential oil, like lemongrass kind, very soothing (I don't dare to inhale the concentration directly since I'm pregnant).

Baby EJ's flu was better, but I can't claim it's because I was using essential oil or using other things along with it too like doctor's prescription, nose drop, nasal spray, honey water, etc.

I mean as long as he's getting better, whatever it's or combination of whatever it's, I will try it!

Young Living EO is sold by a MLM company and you can get the product from one of their members.

5) Manuka Honey + Lemon

One of my friends recommended Honey + Lemon with a glass of warm water to soothe flu & cough. Although it's safe to give honey for baby above 1 year old, I double-checked with his PD and it's okay to give him honey. To make sure he gets the best, I bought super expensive Manuka honey with umf (umf is like anti-bacterial something) and feed him honey one teaspoon daily. And yeah, it's okay to feed one teaspoon of honey daily for immunity. Mixing with lemon is optional, you can do that when baby is having flu :) Lemons are good too, it's full of vitamins and have anti-bacterial property :) Kiwis do the same! Full of vitamins and good for immunity! Got to feed him that!

You can buy that from Unity Pharmacy :)

6) Vicks Baby

A friend of mine recommended this and her baby's cough got better when she applied Vicks on her baby's chest, back and neck and she recommended me to buy! Actually it's kind of working like prevention before the real big cough blowing big. Baby EJ started to have small cough (3rd day after having his first flu) and as suggested by my friend, I applied Vicks on him and his cough didn't develop further. He was okay on the same day! However, I don't suggest applying Vicks on baby on daily basis though since it's a balsam and I prefer something more natural :D

You can get that from either Watsons or Guardian!

That's all about it and that's what I tried when my little boy got flu and of course don't forget to turn off your air-con & turn on your fan instead because based on my experience, my baby's flu got worsen when he slept in an air-con room and his nose got blocked very badly. And always offer baby warm drinks and most importantly, hang in there, it will be over in a few days time, meanwhile protect yourself too (you can drink honey + lemon too) so you will be healthy to take care your baby :)

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