Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Week 29 and home-rest is boring!

29 weeks pregnant and counting...

If you read my previous pregnancy update, you will probably know that due to baby Cal sitting so low in my belly, I have to do total home-rest. It's very very boring to be at home for weeks until the day I give birth, oh well, except going for my doctor's appointment every 2-3 weeks. Other than that, I'm at home doing nothing, eating & sleeping and of course watching my son without carrying him. But most of the time, Ipad and more Ipad time, watching useless stuff on YouTube and being a total potato couch! No, I don't like it but I have no choice, that's the best thing I could do to prevent baby Cal from coming to the world too early alias premature birth!

I love walking, I love going out, I miss sending my son to his baby class and I think there are much more I could do, much more to enjoy this pregnancy but right now, I have no choice but to stick to doctor's plan, to rest, rest and more rest!

It has been a week I stay at home ~ without going out at all, not even walking out to the nearest 10 minute shopping mall at my neighborhood.. The feeling isn't great, just like staying in the prison and my release date from my home-prison would be mid Nov when I'm in my "safe" 37 week zone and it would be alright for me to go out for walk since I will be officially full term by then & ready to pop anytime without risking premature labor and stuff like that.. I'm counting day by day but it seems like time is so slow when I have zero activity to do..

Everything is fine & worth it when little princess is healthy! And I'm grateful for it!

Belly shot at 29 weeks :) I'm grateful that so far I have zero stretch mark (touchwood) and my belly skin looks good, no brown marks, no discoloration, nothing at all, just one fair-looking white egg belly with a weirdly half-popped out belly button like a puppy's nose hehee...

So far I'm feeling comfortable with my body, much more comfortable than I was pregnant with baby EJ.. I was about 10 kg heavier at 29 weeks when I was pregnant with EJ, so I felt sore all over my body when I was pregnant with EJ, especially my knees and wrists were hurting like mad! This time, lucky me! I'm much lighter, thus no body-pain yet! (touchwood) except of course I feel my tummy is heavy and can be a little hard to turn around when I'm sleeping

As much as I hate milk, I'm now drinking a glass of pregnancy milk every morning, trying to fatten up baby Cal a little :)

My next doctor appointment will be in 2 weeks time, at 31 weeks and I hope to receive good news from him, not the worrying news I have been receiving for the past 2 months (low amniotic fluid at 6 months & premature labor risk at 7 months), I'm praying for good news, perhaps baby Cal is moving up a little bit ~ not the way too low anymore ~ possible?

Meanwhile everything is pretty well :)

P/S: Baby Cal's kicks can be painful, ouch!

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