Thursday, 20 November 2014

Week 37 Her Face + My favorite baby online shops

37 weeks pregnant! Officially Full Term!!

Yesterday I went to my prenatal check-up at TMC and I'd say it was the best visit ever! No queue (not many people in the clinic) and the best thing was Calysta finally showed her face to me, she had been quite shy to show her face, been hiding her face against the wall of my uterus (is it a right term "uterus wall"?) and I thought she wouldn't show me at all and I would have to wait until she's born! But yesterday she gave me a big surprise, the first time ever Calysta showed her face to me, although ultrasound scan was not that clear but I roughly knew how she would look like when she's born. I have been imagining her face for the longest period ever!

She looks like EJ when he was a newborn, she has her daddy's nose!

At 37 weeks, Calysta is pretty tiny, she's only measuring 35 weeks, which is 2 weeks behind but doctor has no concern at all as she's gaining weight and she's doing fine as well (Heartbeat & water level are both good!) From week 34 to week 37, she only gained 300 grams. She's currently 2.7 kg and 31 cm (from top to bottom), not sure her exact length from head to toes! Compared to EJ, she was much lighter, EJ was almost 3.1 kg at 37 weeks. I'm sure baby boy is bigger than baby girl!

Doctor said it's anytime now and I did ask him if he needed to write me an admission letter and surprisingly he said "no need"!, advised me just come to L&D when I have contractions or any pains!

From week 34 to week 37, I gained 1 kg only which I was very surprised!. I used to gain 3-4 kg every month in my third trimester (funnily, I only gained 1-1.5 kg every month in my second trimester) but for the past three weeks, I gained just 1 kg (Calysta gained 300 grams, so mine would actually be 700 grams weight gain) I really think it's due to high stress level I experienced for the past three weeks, EJ was sick for a couple of weeks and during that time, I didn't have enough sleep, too stressed out& didn't have appetite to eat! But I'm grateful though, that it's only 1 kg of weight gain, hahahaaa...

This 2nd pregnancy has been a smooth sailing pregnancy and I couldn't ask for more. I have been so grateful! I can eat, sleep & walk well! Physically I feel good too, no soreness or itchiness or whatever!

However, the funny thing is how different emotional feeling can be between 1st & 2nd pregnancy. 1st pregnancy, I couldn't wait him to come out and every day was so slow but 2nd pregnancy, time flies so fast and I CAN wait her to come out (although sometimes, I'm too curious how she looks like and can't wait to see her face!) because I need more time & it will never be enough to spend my precious time with my son before she's here...

Ready or not, she's coming soon! Too soon!

Me & Baby Girl, not sure she will look like me or not!

Closer look, she's placing her hand in front of her chin!

Baby bump at 37 weeks!

And btw, just want to share my top 5 favorite baby online shops in Singapore and I hope this can help fellow mommies (especially first time mums) I have been buying baby stuff online since EJ was a newborn because it's so convenient.

TWO advises, please choose the reliable shop that offers FREE home delivery in the next day (for certain amount of purchases) and please pay by PayPal for fast transaction!

I have been buying regularly from these shops (for both babies, EJ & Calysta) and they are:

1) BabyOnline ~

Good service, free home delivery for certain amount of purchases, fast delivery. I bought sleeping bags (quite many of it), Thermos Food Jar and some stuff I can't remember.

2) Pupsik Studio ~

Good service, fast delivery, free home delivery for certain amount of purchases. I bought baby slings & baby carriers (very good offer!), baby toys, nasal aspirator, Aden Anais Muslin Swaddle, baby swaddle, Aveeno Baby Eczema Cream (very good!), Baby crib mobile and a few more! They offer good deals and varieties too!

3) Agape Babies ~

Good service, fast delivery, free home delivery for certain amount of purchases. The best purchase I've ever made is California Baby. I only use organic baby shower gel & shampoo and I find that this website offers so so much cheaper organic baby bath range comparing to retail shops like Watsons, etc.. I have been stocking California baby bath range from them. I also bought card milestones and fever patch from this website too! Good deals and varieties too!

4) The Groovy Giraffe ~

This one is an online book store, my son loves books and I have been buying so many baby books from this website. I prefer to buy baby books in bulk, more convenient and I don't have to worry heavy loads as they offer free home delivery for certain amount of purchases. Good service but delivery will take a few days time which I don't mind (books are not that urgent!)

5) BingBling ~

This one is mostly selling products related to breastfeeding. Reliable, cheap, original & good service! But it doesn't offer free home delivery unfortunately but I'm still happy with this website, even though I have to top up for courier, but the price + courier is still much cheaper than retail shops like Mothercare or Mums & Babes. I love Medela products and this shop offers a wide range of Medela products in a much cheaper price!


1) Q0010 Singapore ~

I can find anything everything cheap in this website! But the thing is I need to find a reliable seller and read reviews from other buyers before buying. Please use Paypal for easy transaction! I tried bank transfer before but I faced some horrible problems, order cancelled, wrote a complaint letter, checked here and there, re-ordered and finally got back my stuff after so many weeks of waiting. So for this website I will only use PayPal!

I bought quite many cheap baby stuff from this website from clothes, socks to breastfeeding positioner. My best purchase would be Zojirushi Food Jar (this one can keep baby food warm for more than 7 hours and it's the best!). Selling at $40 from this website (authentic one) where retail costs around $70-$80. Many of the baby stuff in this website cost half retail price! Good offer but delivery will take a little longer and most importantly, must read reviews before buying!

I hope this helps new mommies in buying baby products online!

BABY CALYSTA IS COMING SOON! Oh gosh, can't believe it, I'm going to be a mother of two soon!


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