Friday, 21 November 2014

Showing off my son's artworks

EJ went to baby class for 1 month when he was 16 months old. He was having so much fun but unfortunately I couldn't register him for the next term since the place was very far away from my house (too tiring for a heavily pregnant mum like me), so I have registered him to the nearest playgroup near our house for January 2015 intake. He will be around 20 months old in January 2015.

Showing off some of his artworks he did in his baby class. Maybe it's done 100% by my baby boy, I feel like keeping his handworks forever and these are so precious to me :) I feel like he has given me the most beautiful gifts in the world, something I would not trade for... (It's just mommy's feeling!)

Just wanna say "I'm proud of you, son!" (maybe nothing special to others, just a messy little paint here and there but this meant a lot to me, it's really that special & precious, something I can hang on my wall permanently ^^ )


  1. Hi

    May I know which baby class did you send your son to? Am interested to know :) sounds like a fun class

    Would like to send my son for baby class to learn artwork too.

    Thanks, xiaoyun

    1. Hi Xiaoyun, it's at Julia Gabriel, The Forum :)