Wednesday, 10 December 2014

40 weeks pregnant tomorrow!

I'm just a day from my due date 11/12 tomorrow and I'm still pregnant! I can't believe I can stay pregnant for this long seriously!!

I thought I should have given birth in early December at 38 or 39 weeks plus since this is my second pregnancy & I have been carrying this baby girl very low since the 28th week, plus my risk of having premature labor, so passing through the 40th week mark is just unbelievable!

No labor signs so far except mild period cramps on and off, very irregular and not every day!

Moving towards the 40th week mark is seriously crazy and I think I have over analyzed everything. A little cramp, I would be like "labor? today? tonight?" I seriously can wait & do not want to rush her arrival but my concern is if she doesn't come by this Friday (1 day past my due date), doctor is inducing me! Induction lengthens labor process & when things don't go smoothly, I would end up in c-sec which honestly terrifies me!

I know how painful it is the recovery from c-sec, the wound would take long to heal! For the first one week, moving around and bending down is hell! And when the wound does get better, here comes itchiness and the temptation to scratch. I have never delivered via c-sec before (my first child was born naturally), but I had operation before to remove my ovarian cysts a few years back! So yeah I know how uncomfortable the recovery from c-sec! And I pray hard I will just deliver normally ~ even I have to deliver via induction.

Another concern is she was already 3.4 kg at 39 weeks and I wonder how heavy is she now at 40 weeks. Delivering a big baby carries risk of having c-sec as well. And finally my last concern is I heard over-baked baby (although rare) tends to poop in mommy's womb and that can result in having dangerous lung infection **touchwood** pray hard, both of us will be safe! *pray*

So Baby Cal, get ready for your eviction date! hahahaa... Mommy knows how comfortable you are inside my womb, but you are getting evicted soon for staying the way too long! Plus the whole family has been waiting for your arrival! So, please corporate, ok?

And now, I'm just trying to relax as much as possible and thinking every 'extra' day is a blessing in disguise, a blessing for me to rest & sleep more before the baby comes! And also a blessing for me to spend more fun time with my son :)

Sweet moments with my 19 month old son ~ these pictures were not purposely taken, he just had the moments when he wanted to be around my belly, touching his sister and playing with her :) And these pictures turned out to be beautiful just like the real maternity photos :)
 Baby bump compilation ~ my bump was always small until I hit 31 weeks ~ I just popped!

Brought my son to see Christmas lights & he enjoyed it so much!

Our family photo of 3 before becoming "4"
I'm so looking forward to see Calysta in person, wonder if she will look like me or my husband. Wonder if she will have my eyes or her daddy's, wonder if she will have wavy hair like her brother, EJ or straight like my husband. Will she have full hair or born half bald like her brother?

We will most likely to see her end of this week, wish me a smooth normal delivery!


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