Thursday, 4 December 2014

Brother's love to his unborn sister

My super precious pregnant moment with my son & my unborn (due anytime) daughter! I feel like this kind of moment is so beautiful that I just wish to freeze the time :D And soon there won't be such moment anymore (I will be no longer pregnant very soon!)

This post is also one of my most emo posts! Sorry for being too emo here!

My 19 month old baby boy has been so sweet today. He has been showing so much love to his unborn sister. He just can't keep his hands off my belly :) He keeps lifting my shirt up, rubbing my 39 week pregnant belly, laying his head on my belly, interacting, playing & communicating (using his baby language) with his soon-to-be-born sister, Calysta. He also smiles at my belly (not sure what he sees inside!)

The myth said baby can see their unborn sibling and can interact with the sibling where our normal adult eyes can't see anything except movements/kicks. But baby can! Baby can see what's going on inside his pregnant mommy's belly ~ it's like brother-sister spiritual connection that no one can ever see! And I believe that myth now!

He has been lifting up my shirt & rubbing my belly for so many times today ~ in fact it's like all the time! And he's so happy doing that! I'm guessing, they are playing together happily! And only they know what's going on! It's like little secret these 2 babies share! :)

Besides, EJ keeps guiding my hands to lift up my shirt & directing my hands to rub my belly which is so strange to me, nevertheless too sweet! He has also been asking me to open for him Mothercare catalogue page by page over and over again and he seems to be fascinated by that maternity catalogue showcasing pregnant mommies and newborn babies.. It's like he understands what's going on with his mommy and from that moment, he keeps wanting to rub my belly & to interact with the baby inside my belly. Strange but sweet, isn't? One of the strangest things he has ever done!

EJ is truly one sweet little boy despite his naughtiness, bad temper and picky eating habit. I just feel I'm so blessed and lucky to have him in my life. He brings so much joys and happiness to me and my husband and I'm sure he's going to be one caring & loving brother to his sister. Calysta will be so lucky to have EJ as her brother. They are perfect match ~ even before Calysta is born!

I'm so grateful for everything ~ my life and my kids! Last year, in 2013, late April, I gave birth to EJ and he has been my greatest blessing in life and this year, 2014, early December, another blessing will be entering my life & enriching my motherhood journey ~ I just can't ask or more!

I fell pregnant when EJ was 10 months old and I have been stressing on how challenging life would be to take care 2 under 2 under one roof and how to take care a newborn when taking care EJ itself is still pretty much like taking care a baby (he can't sleep through the night yet & requests for milk twice a night!) I can't imagine how on earth am I supposed to pump milk, feed a newborn and a toddler at the same time and change their diapers in the middle of the night and how am I supposed to soothe 2 babies to sleep? (EJ needs to be carried to sleep)

But today, I see the new light of motherhood, EJ opens my eyes by showing so much love to his sister. I realize that motherhood is not just about thinking the challenges ahead and how to tackle it but rather to enjoy the current moment and savoring the sweet life of being a mother and not to think too much about the future and challenges. It's rather to appreciate every single sweet moment I have with my kids and that matters more than anything else!

And I'm one lucky mommy to experience this beautiful moment in my last pregnancy (most likely) of my son caring & loving his sister before she's even born

Pictures say a thousand words!

EJ "I just can't keep my hands off my sister, mommy!"

EJ "There is no way I can let her go & I promise to protect her with all my strengths, heart & soul when she's born. There shall be no men will ever harm her..."
EJ "Hello Calysta! I'm your big brother who will protect you all the time, just come to this world whenever you are ready, don't be afraid!" p/s: look at the last pic at the bottom right, Calysta is reacting to EJ's love by kicking the right side of my belly. Look how her leg is poking out of my right belly :D !
 My sunshine and he will always be my sunshine, mommy loves you EJ!

Video of EJ showing his love to his unborn sister, Calysta!

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