Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Week 39 pregnancy update & I'm ready!!!

39 weeks pregnant! I'm done baking! Finally, I made it to 39 weeks!

This second pregnancy has been a smooth sailing pregnancy with manageable morning sickness, no itchiness on my skin (only once or twice and that was not even serious, just a little scratch here and there and I was fine in the next day), no soreness or achiness in my joints, knees, wrists, back, etc (even if I had, it was occasionally). I can pretty much do anything I want from carrying my toddler to walking far for long. I can also sleep very well, 7-8 hours at night and nap for 1-2 hours in the afternoon. I can eat well, no weird craving or whatever. My appetite is good too. I experienced heartburn but it was occasionally too. No complaints at all for this pregnancy! I feel comfortable and great!

Other than low amniotic fluid scare at 24 weeks and premature labor risk scare at 28 weeks (that put me under bed rest for weeks), it has been so smooth that I can't ask for more, I just feel super grateful!

This also could be my last pregnancy post because I'm popping out this baby anytime  now and today I went to my 39th week prenatal appointment. I gained 1 kg in 2 weeks time and total weight gain for my 2nd pregnancy is 17 kg which is not that bad because I gained crazy 25 kg during my 1st pregnancy. Surprisingly, I have always thought Baby Cal was a small baby (she was always measured 2 weeks behind) but today she surprised me! At 39 weeks, she's already 3.4 kg. She gained 700 grams in 2 weeks time. She was 2.7 kg at 37 weeks! She's measuring exactly 39 weeks and she's pretty tall too, measuring 34.9 cm from head to bottom, so I guess it's about 50 cm + from head to toes. Pretty much the same size as EJ when I gave birth to him at 39 weeks plus :)

Water level is good too! And I got my admission letter today!

I mentioned to my doctor that for the past 2 days, I have been having this feeling like I'm about to have bowel movement all the time & also the feeling of period is about to come, mild period cramps on and off. However, no contractions so far! He said it's normal to have bowel movement feeling because baby's head pressing down there, he has no concern at all! He just asked me to wait for my natural labor or if I haven't popped by 12th December (overdue), then he will need to induce me! He also asked if I would prefer to get induced now if I can't wait? I said no, thank you! I prefer the natural labor when there's no medical reason to be induced, why would I?

My first child was induced due to bleeding at 39 weeks and it took me 12 hours to have him, so I hope this time round, I will have easy, fast and smooth natural labor! :)

Actually if you ask me if I feel nervous? I would say yes, a little nervous for labor and delivery but I'm pretty much relaxed about it and I don't think too much! Labor is temporary but I'm nervous about having a baby, taking care a newborn and breastfeeding because I know how challenging it can be! Raising a child well is a long term commitment! Labor is nothing!

Having said that, I'm so looking forward to meet her, always wonder how she looks like in person :)

On the way back home, I was just thinking how am I going to miss this pregnancy, miss my round belly, miss her kicks and movements. I'm going to miss having a baby bump once I'm no longer pregnant! I always think baby bump is beautiful and so is pregnancy itself! And I have been thinking if I should have #3, my last baby after this, I quickly shut off this feeling! And I'm back to reality! As much as I enjoy baby bump and pregnancy, but raising another human being isn't easy! It takes a whole village to raise 1 or 2 kids and 3 kids? I just don't dare to think about it! I believe in quality life & I want to give the best for my kids, if I can't guarantee that quality life, why would I want to have #3? Number 3 deserves the same as #1 and #2 too! So far I'm happy with 2 kids, 1 boy and 1 girl! Number 3? Will think think and think about it! :)

As this could be my last pregnancy and in few days time or maximum 1 week, I will be no longer pregnant, and I should enjoy my last a few days of pregnancy as much as possible. I will eat whatever I want and I will rub my belly as much as possible if I want too! :P I will just enjoy my last pregnant moments without rushing or worrying anything :)

Baby bump at 39 weeks :)

Wish me a smooth delivery! Labor? Come on, bring it on! I'm ready! :)

p/s: next update could be my labor & birth story, looking forward?

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