Monday, 1 December 2014

Terrible 2 is starting at 19 months old

EJ is currently 19 months old but I think he's starting the parents' nightmare, Terrible 2 five months earlier. His temper is really bad!

1) He would hit us if he doesn't get things he wants or if we don't allow him to get certain things
2) He would hit himself if he's too frustrated, example: he is not able to do things he wants to do or he doesn't get what he wants
3) Throwing temper by crying, screaming, laying down on the floor, hitting the floor so hard with his both hands, kicking his legs and throwing whatever objects he sees. Sometimes, when we finally give in & let him have what he wants, he wouldn't want that thing anymore, would just prefer throwing it far away & happily crying & screaming
4) Requesting us to do impossible things like shifting sofa, drawer or furniture

I hope it's true that people said it's quite normal for a toddler to behave that way when a new baby is coming soon and he will soon be back to normal once his sibling out. It's like a myth, I don't know if that's true, but I just hope so!

EJ is also a picky eater! He doesn't like everything! And feeding him food is a nightmare except milk, yeah he loves his milk! I tried every single advise, self feeding, baby led weaning, distracting with toys, video, etc, bringing him out to eat, trying different texture of foods and many more but none worked! Every meal is a big challenge but I'm lucky to have such a patient helper to help me in feeding him! My wish is for him to eat well and more interested in eating when he reaches 2 years old of age in April next year!

At 19 months old, his vocabulary improved ALOT and I'm glad for this milestone. He's able to say 20-30 words now & able to combine 2-3 words together! I thought he was a slow talker because he didn't start talking a few months earlier. But he's learning fast! He learns 10 words a week which is quite a lot!

New words he learned in this week: five (he says it when he 'high-five' us), frog, open (he says as pen-pen-pen), flower (he says as 'fah feh'), no more, come, chair, sorry (learned that from a story book), me (when he means 'excuse me') and he can demand us to carry him in one full sentence "Mama bao bao..." (in Chinese means "mama, please carry me!) "Deh deh bao bao (he calls daddy as deh deh)

And a few more combinations like "bye-bye cat.." "bye-bye car.." "car where.." "car there.."

One cute thing he always do, he always wave and say bye-bye with tears when he's separated with something.. Example: when my helper carries him away and he will say bye-bye to me with tears "mama bye-bye..." My heart can't stand it, always melt! and when he does that, he wins & gets what he wants =.='

Despite his bad temper & the starting of terrible 2 too soon, he's still one sweet baby who captures everyone's heart in this family and I wouldn't trade that for anything :)

 My little monster

Naughty boy!!! See what he did to his diapers? He peeled everything off!! Then he took cottons & peeled bit by bit & whole room is filled with shredded cottons! Why can baby boy be so naughty?

EJ & his favorite biscuits "it's all mine mine and mine..."

My little buddy enjoyed hokey pokey so much, after 2 hours of playing, he was still energetic ^^ this indoor playground is so suitable for young toddler like him, toys are very suitable to his age group and hokey pokey is going to have another branch at seletar mall, sengkang (nearby our house), next time can bring him more often :)

Daddy's boy.. Daddy came back home from working and EJ welcomed & rushed to hug daddy excitedly..
I'm wearing batik shirt & pants daddy bought for me from Jogjakarta ^^ this shirt is really cooling, I love it! ~ EJ

What a tiring Sunday! Brought a 19 month old to a shopping mall & walked non stop for more than 2 hours (secretly hope it will trigger labor ) his favorite place was a toy shop where he picked all toys he liked, played all for so long and at the end, forced daddy to buy one or two toys for him. This time he picked the helicopter toy and a walking puppy. His favorite person is of course daddy now! LOL

EJ is one super pampered little boy.. He has so many toys! And daddy can't reject him at all! He has 2 super big boxes of toys, a bunch of soft toys, cars, helicopter, walking puppy and so many more! And the thing is he gets bored of his toys very easily and would rather play random household stuff!

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