Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Baby Calysta's Full Moon

Hello everyone

Calysta is 1 month old now!

We celebrated her full moon on last Sunday, 11th Jan 2015, exactly 1 month after she was born.

My confinement is also over now! It's funny that I was kind of enjoying my confinement this time :) Totally the opposite with EJ, I didn't enjoy my confinement when I had EJ!

Anyway, my days are pretty much the same. One super active toddler who messes up house & running naked all the time. One newborn baby who nurses every 1.5 hours and clings to me like a baby koala bear. Nurse, burp, change diapers, make her sleep and the same thing repeated and repeated again.. And oh plus the crankiness & crying during evening time! Blame colic I guess!

Breastfeeding is still going strong between us. I hope it will keep going on and on, better and better. So far no bottles, no formula yet! It's absolutely not easy at all!

I'm tired & worn out but it's definitely worth it!

Calysta is 4.1 kg & 55 cm at 4 weeks old plus. She gained 900 grams from her birth weight (3.2 kg) and she's taller by 6 cm (a big wow!, she was 49 cm at birth)

Back to her full moon celebration, we didn't have a big party, nor a special decoration, etc.. All we had was our family, simple buffet food, simple DIY decorations with balloons and that's it!

Show you some of our super simple full moon celebration!

In my tradition, Chinese Indonesian, full moon means everybody in the house, of course including the baby must take a bath with flowers in the morning before we have our prayer and celebration. And of course, a little lady with sweet smile having her special spa time looks adorable, isn't?

Last minute DIY by me, hubby and our helper, done in 2 hours! Can you spot the word "Calysta"?

A typical "must" for full moon, red eggs & ang kuh kueh

More balloons
Simple foods

My little family :)

My little princess

2 outfits for her celebration. I love her pink outfit but in my culture, it's a must to wear red during full moon celebration. Red means luck and it's kind of wishing the baby to get lucky all the time! Red dress with red socks & mittens brought over from Indonesia by my mom :)

Calsyta's tummy time. This was taken when she was 3 weeks old! Her neck is really strong!

Me & dearest daughter, do we look alike?

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