Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Life as a mother of 2 ~ 2nd month/Feb'15

I have been ignoring my blog for quite a while ~ not that I want to do that intentionally but seriously I have no time to blog. One toddler & one infant~ my hands are always full! Especially little Calysta! She wants me to carry her all the time and refuses to nap unless I carry her.. That's the thing! 
A little update about my life & kids: 
I'm still breastfeeding Calysta and breastfeeding gets easier! What they told me was true, breastfeeding can be very challenging at the beginning but it does get better once it reaches the 6th week mark. For my case, it's true! 
Calysta is getting better in latching on & I'm getting better too in having different breastfeeding positions. We both get comfortable with each other but of course she has her fussiness too especially when it comes to evening time from 8pm onwards ~ to 12am, she's really fussy at breasts, sometimes I just don't get it ~ is the milk flow too fast, too slow or she just wants comfort latching but gets angry when the milk comes out? She would cry, pull away the nipple, latch & unlatch, drink a little and stop and cycle continues until 12am! Yes, I'm really worn out! Luckily she wakes up at 8.30am in the morning and has her milk every 3 hours midnight! 
I have quit pumping, I used to pump at least 1 bag of 120ml Breast milk a day to keep in my freezer for emergency but I really find pumping is very tiring when I take care & breastfeed Calysta full time and also EJ didn't want to drink frozen Breast milk at all (Calysta still doesn't know how to drink from bottle) so I quit pumping at all! Right now, I'm latching Calysta on demand! She's fed every 1-2 hours during the day, sometimes she's having cluster feeding, so it's like every 1/2 hour non stop! Breastfeeding is no joke very tiring whether you're latching or pumping 
It seems like my milk supply has been established ~ means my body recognizes what my baby needs and produces accordingly, that means I'm no longer feeling engorged or too full. Good thing is I feel more comfortable with my breasts and bad thing is I sometimes wonder if there's milk inside there! 
I'm currently taking care Calysta full time with no help at all and it's really very tiring but somehow I enjoy her so much.. I enjoy dressing her up, I enjoy breastfeeding her (except when she's cranky), I enjoy smelling her hair.. I just enjoy everything about her.. Motherhood is tiring but rewarding and it's true! 
My days are pretty much the same, feeding the baby, changing her diapers, cleaning her, burping, walking & dancing around the house when she's cranky and the cycle is repeated over and over again.. It looks boring right? But I'm not bored at all although I'm tired! 
As a mom of two, the worst thing I've ever experienced was when both kids were sick (a couple of weeks ago, EJ was down with flu & cough then fever & passed it to Calysta and she was down with bad flu) Calysta was a newborn & couldn't take any medication and might need hospitalization if things weren't better and oh gosh, I was really stressed at that time & didn't know what to do except kept nursing Calysta & let her stay far away from her brother.
What was worst than having sick kids?
Me falling sick! Yes, I fell sick too and it was so challenging to take care sick kids while I was sick myself! Thanks God, it's over now! We are all well & hope we stay that way! 
Btw, I have also mastered how to take shower & eat my meal in 5 minutes ~ I have become more effective! ^^
She's a petite gal! At 8 weeks, she's more or less 4.6 kg and she can still pretty much fit into newborn diapers &!clothes.. Totally the opposite with EJ, he was very tall & big! 

Just like other babies, Calysta has her own good days and bad days
Good days, she will eat & sleep & eat & sleep and bad days, she doesn't want to sleep at all, keeps crying & wanting to carry & walk & latch all day long and it's really tiring, sometimes when she does that, I just feel like giving up breastfeeding ~ thinking my milk is not enough for her! But I just keep telling myself, breastfeeding is like demand and supply thingy and as long as I nurse on demand & eat & drink well, I should be producing enough for her! Breastfeeding is really a confident game! 
She sleeps at 12am every day and it's really funny that she can be pretty regular with her sleeping time at that very young age! 


He just turned 21 months old! And he goes to school now! He's now at playgroup! 
And I guess he's the naughty one & a troublemaker at school. One day I picked him up from school (yes, Calysta was tagged along). From outside the class, I heard "Ethan, noooo... Ethan, don't open the door...noooo.. Ethan don't hit...(someone's name) Ethan don't throw your bag...Hahaha.. Apparently my son is really naughty and troublemaker and only him the only who got screamed from the teacher! 
I just realized (and felt so emotional) that he's no longer a baby! It's just something like "missing" feeling in my heart I just can't explain 
1) He knows how to keep his toys accordingly. Cars to his cars box. Books to his books drawer and Legos to his Legos box. He even zipped the box very neatly and put back according to the original position. The moment when your baby keeps messing up the house is over. My house just suddenly feels clean without having to keep his scattered toys everywhere
2) He doesn't randomly lick or put random stuff in his mouth anymore. He knows what can be eaten and what can't 
3) He's no longer tearing whatever papers he sees
4) He starts to appreciate coloring, drawing and toys (no longer throwing toys)
5) He starts to feel emotional & upset when you scold him & would hide in his room with tears in the corner of his eyes. 
6) And finally he knows how to hold a girl's hand (a girl his age) 
And that's the time I know he's no longer my baby boy but he will be always the son I love since I held him in my arms for the first time! 
This little boy is also very tricky! When he was 20 month old, EJ had cough & we're trying to feed him cough syrup. He saw the syringe and screamed "pain pain pain pain..." touching his body, hands & legs like he was really in pain.. Then we asked "where pain? Where pain?" hiding the syringe behind. And he was back to playing & totally not in pain. Then we showed him the syringe again and again he screamed "pain pain pain pain..." Argh this boy! Good in bluffing people to avoid drinking cough syrup!
What toddler sees, toddler follows! He's trying to nurse his dog (soft toy) with mommy's nursing pillow & burp him after that because he saw mommy doing that with his sister! So careful fellow mommies, toddlers follow our action really fast!
EJ is obsessed with cars and he can play cars toys all day long and is only interested with cars! Obsession can start in a very early age, right? He has so many cars toys and seems like he just can't get enough of cars and more cars!! 
EJ can't talk yet! At 21 months old, he can say about 50 words and request us to do things for him by saying one word by one word. That's it! No sentences yet! I'm still waiting for that "talking" milestones! 
EJ is very jealous of his little sister and often he would ask me to carry him or cry when he sees me carrying Calysta! And I hope one day he will get over of this jealousy phase & start sharing his mommy with his baby sibling! Another milestone to look forward! 
It's really a long post! And I hope I'm able to be more active in blogging once everything is more stabilized :)
And ops, 7 more kg to lose before I reach my pre-pregnancy weight! 
Until next post,

From mommy of 2, Netty

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