Saturday, 30 May 2015

Calysta, 5th month update

Calysta is 5 months old! (Coming to 6 months old in June, 11th) Oh gosh how time flies!

At 5 months old, she's 6.3 kg & 63 cm, both weight & height measuring at 25% percentile only. A petite gal but absolutely well & healthy and meeting her milestones. PD is not worried at all! Weight & height are just numbers, being healthy & meeting milestones is the most important part of growing up.

I'm still breastfeeding Calysta exclusively. I think I deserve a pat on my shoulder. Breastfeeding isn't easy and it's more like love and hate relationship. A journey that is so not easy but I refuse to give up but rather pressing on and on

Looking at her peaceful sleeping face during latching, playing my fingers around her soft curls, staring at her long eyelashes, her tiny hands holding tight on my shirt. I just feel something in my heart I couldn't describe, it's like a warm feeling pouring my heart inside out! This is one of the reasons I just can't give up breastfeeding yet. I'm just not ready! Other reasons are of course breastfed baby is healthier, Breast milk is good for human baby and a lot more you can easily find those breastfeeding reasons on the Internet.
Her nursing pattern is more predictable now, instead of latching every 1.5-2 hours like she used too, now she's latching averagely every 2.5-3.5 hours. Yes she still wakes up midnight to latch twice (which I don't mind!)

At 5 months old, her daily schedule is as below:

8am : waking up
8.30am: latching & diaper change
10.30am: latching & 1st nap
11.30am: diaper change & shower time
1.30pm: latching & 2nd nap
2.00pm: diaper change
5pm: latching & 3rd nap
6pm: diaper change, cleaning up & changing into pajamas
9pm: diaper change & last latching before sleep
2am: midnight latching
4.30am: midnight latching & diaper change
6am: morning first latching
8am: good morning!

Total 8 times of latching & 6 times of diaper change in 24 hours time

And her milestones at 5 months old are:

1) flipping/turning over back & forth.. In fact she mastered this before she reached 5 months old

2) sitting down on her own (supported by both of her hands)

3) pushing her body high (like push up position) during tummy time

4) has tried her first solid food (cerelac rice cereal with Breast milk) ~ tasting & learning only!

5) putting her foot in her mouth!

She's still one little miss curious who wants to know anything everything we do & one little missy who loves to baby talk (ah-ah-ah), scream loud & pretend to cry (he-pause-he-pause-he) when she's being ignored. She is the little baby girl who loves human interaction rather than colorful & loud baby videos. She finds TV boring! Aha! 

This year my health has not been wonderful. I felt sick back & forth and it was terrible when I needed to take care an infant full time without much help when I was sick and they were right when they said mother's love can overcome anything! Even sickness! I was prescribed antibiotics and my milk dried up, worst was Calysta didn't want to take bottle, so she fussed and latched - fussed & latched. I completed my antibiotics course in 5 days, milk remained low until 1.5 weeks later, my milk came back as per normal and since then I will never ever take things for granted especially health

Although being a mum is not easy at all but the job is the most rewarding. Being a mommy means sacrificing for my children, being so selflessness, love my children more than myself and willing to be a mom again over and over again with no regret at all

I have been updating my blog less frequently because I have been really busy with kids. They make me busy and sometimes I do look crazy with pajamas & messy hair and sweaty face but I wouldn't change a thing. They are perfect to me. My life is perfect with my kids around. I gave birth to them & they complete me


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