Wednesday 10 June 2015

My Gym Review

Last Saturday, 6th June, I was invited by My Gym City Square Mall to attend trial baby class together with my other 14 mommies friends. I guess most of my readers don't know about this yet. I'm one of the December 2014 mommies group members. From the group, I have met many wonderful mommies and babies. I have also attended fun & exciting play dates & gatherings with fellow mommies & babies (yes, it's really fun when babies are the same age/born in December 2014).

My gym has developed an extraordinary program and facilities devised to help children 4 months thru 10 years of age develop physically, cognitively and emotionally, offering structured, age-appropriate, weekly classes that incorporate music, dance, relays, games, special rides, gymnastics, sports and more.

MY GYM’s having won US Parents’ Choice Awards has designed program in a way that nurtures a child’s natural ability, curiosity and creativity emphasizing on small student-to-teacher ratio to provide individual attention and positive reinforcement

I would really like to thank My Gym for sponsoring us (a group of 15 mommies & babies) to try fun-interactive activities at My Gym, City Square mall. It was my first experience at My Gym & I didn't expect it was going to be really fun & interesting. All babies were about 6 months of age

The duration of the class I attended was 60 minutes. At first, babies were allowed to play round & interact with one another. Baby Calysta really loved the balls pool :) and so were other babies. After that, there were music, singing and dancing guided by well trained teachers. It was really fun & interactive. Mommies/daddies with their little ones were enjoying that session so much. In fact, it was my favorite session because Calysta enjoyed it so much. Next was all babies were allowed to play with a great selection of educational & learning toys with games guided by fun loving teachers

Moreover, there were also gymnastics & sports activities catered to suit young babies aged 6 months or less (our babies are more or less 6 months old) I didn't know babies can roll over and I didn't expect babies enjoy swinging so much. My Gym proved me that babies were capable to do gymnastics actions we previously thought they weren't able to do so. Babies are more than capable than what we think with the right guidance from skillful teachers

It was overall a good experience and I would join again

Mommies & Babies

Calysta enjoying herself

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