Thursday, 9 July 2015

One Half Party, the 6th month birthday bash

Calysta turned 6 months old in June, 11th. How crazy time has flown by that quickly. I remember holding her for the first time as a newborn then she flipped over from back to tummy and later, from tummy to back. The feeling of proudness and achievement when she was able to do tummy time her self, when she sat down for the first time and now eating solid and starting to stand up. She has hit so many milestones and here she is, half a year old baby girl already! It's crazy and bittersweet moments I have been through for the past 6 months. How I wish I could have the button to pause the time for a while, just to enjoy her babyhood a little longer. Another half a year, she will be turning into a toddler girl!

I'm really grateful I have a group of mommies friends whose babies were born on the same month as Calysta and our group is known as December 2014 mummies. From this group, I have made friends, I have had play dates & activities with fellow mommies & babies. Our babies hit the same milestones together. How exciting is that!

On 19th June, we decided to celebrate the 6th month birthday bash for our little ones together. The party was to celebrate the first half year of their life and their milestones. Over 40 mommies with their babies attended this mega bash party and we were proud to say that our party went well, we enjoyed the gathering, the companion, the play dates, the games, the food and many more!

It was one of the most exciting events I have ever attended. I have never seen so many little babies at the same time! Cuteness overloaded!

Here's our registration table
 Pretty ribbons sponsored by Bloom Blossom for our baby girls to match with their white & gold ''one half'' rompers

And sweet ribbons sponsored by Faith Bowtique SG for our pretty baby girls. Baby girls are so lucky!

One Half rompers with glamorous gold details for our December 2014 babies

Magazine sponsorship from Young Parents

Here's our little changing corner with Dypers & Organic Story Baby wipes

The party started at 12pm to 3.30pm and the committees group came earlier for party preparation. In this picture below, I (in black) was checking attendees list

Committees mommies were busy packing goodies bags

Our goodies bags were nicely packed
One half birthday cakes

Yummy foods!!

And the exciting game "find that baby" ~ a game to guess & find babies based on their newborn photos

Me & EJ ~ yes I brought EJ with me and he seemed to enjoy the party as well

Have you spotted baby Calysta? She's in the background ~ the one wearing pink legging and white head bow!

Babies picture! I've never thought it was going to be really hard to gather 40 babies together (without mommies) for photo taking and especially babies starting to turn over, sit down & crawl.

Lucky draw time! One lucky mommy has won herself a prize from Curtain Junior! Curtain Junior specializes in making attractive curtains for babies and children.

Another lucky mommy has won a book hamper as the second lucky draw prize from Flip for Joy. Flip for Joy's specialty is fun & engaging Chinese books for children

Here's my little princess. Special thanks to Bloom Blossom Handmade (remember to like their FB page) for sponsoring Calysta & other baby girls beautiful white & gold hair bow

Thanks to Drypers for the sponsorship. Drypers has helped Calysta to stay dry overnight & didn't cause Calysta to have diaper rash.

Thanks to Marvelous Mum for the super yummy lactation cookies. It helped me to produce more milk for baby Calysta

And thanks to Organic Story for the super good quality organic baby wipes.

Our gorgeous babies turned 6 months old!

Can you spot where is baby Calysta?

Me & beautiful mommy, Eve!

Our group photo!

And inside our 'delicious' goodies bag, thanks to our generous sponsors

Special thanks to Juzmyitemz online store for the good quality waterproof wet bag sponsor with adorable bumble bee design for our babies
And special thanks to Faith Bowtique SG (remember to like their FB page) for making Calysta super sweet with their super pretty & good quality baby bow

Thank you so much to our sponsors for sponsoring us baby products, samples, vouchers, magazines, beautiful bows and many more! We are just too lucky mommies & babies with so much love given to us!

And until next party, the mega bash of first birthday party, see ya!! 

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