Tuesday, 14 July 2015

(Sponsored Review) Faith Bowtique Baby Hair Bow

Hi mommies of beautiful baby girls!
Have you ever wanted to buy sweet & pretty baby bows for your little princess yet it's safe for her gentle scalp?
I would like to introduce you my favorite online baby bow seller, Faith Bowtique SG.
Faith Bowtique SG has been making beautiful handmade baby bows for little princesses and I super love the designs Faith Bowtique SG has been making; sweet and elegant. And I can tell it's really made with love. Delicate and carefully made with quality hand work. The owner is one sweet lady who takes pride of every of her beautiful creation and she's one of the nicest hair bow designers I have ever met.
When Faith Bowtique SG said "Yes" to our proposal to become one of our 6th month birthday baby bash sponsors, we were so excited because that would mean every of our December 2014 baby girls would have the chance to wear Faith Bowtique sweet & pretty bow :) Indeed, our baby girls were so lucky!
The designs and patterns are too sweet and I can't help but to fall in love over and over again :)
Pictures say it all!
 Very very sweet bows

Baby Calysta is wearing Faith Bowtique SG hair bows. Which one is your favorite?
 Another pretty designs I own & I adore. These are super pretty, isn't?

Another feature I like is Faith Bowtique SG made a design that is very safe for infant girl's scalp. It's even safe for newborn girls because the clip is fully covered by comfortable ribbon. Moreover, every piece of baby bow I own is long lasting and I wouldn't doubt the quality at all. Indeed, every piece is a premium bow with premium quality.

Are you interested to get one of this?

Faith Bowtique SG hair accessories can be found on their FB page (don't forget to like the page): https://www.facebook.com/faithbowtiqueSG and on Carousell (don't forget to follow): https://carousell.com/faithbowtique.sg/ 

Thank you Faith Bowtique  SG for making Calysta and other baby girls pretty!

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