Thursday, 13 August 2015

(Media Invite) Kakis Bistro & Bar Exclusive Breakfast Session

Last month, July 25th, Saturday, my family was invited by Kakis Bistros & Bar at 289 Farnborough Road, Singapore 509747 together with other bloggers to enjoy an exclusive breakfast session. It was an exciting morning filled with fun games and exciting activities with beautiful scenery & greenery surrounding us.

Kakis Bistro & Bar was re-launch in November 2013 in Changi Village, within a Plant Nursery (Greenology) and their missions are FRIENDS, GREEN, LOVE. A perfect gateway location to have a good quality time and to chill out with family and friends.

Here's the Kakis Weekend Breakfast Menu :) Personally, I think the prices are so worth it, worth the good foods and the beautiful scenery surrounding the bistro & bar as well as relaxing & cozy place to hang out with family and friends.

Thank you for providing us with this paper and color pencils as well. It really helped to keep EJ entertained while we were waiting for our breakfast

EJ enjoying his coloring while waiting for his breakfast

With sleepy baby Calysta

The beautiful scenery :)

Super cozy bar

 A very relaxing place full of greenery, I can't agree more! It's simply beautiful and breath taking!

A perfect place to enjoy your breakfast session with your family and friends

Yummy nasi lemak. I would rate that 8/10! The chili is really good and the fried chicken is really crispy, accompanied with hot fragrant rice. Delicious!

My boy loved his kiddy pancake so much that nothing left in his plate :p I would say it's a healthy choice of breakfast for kids too

We have also tried Little Hero Big Breakfast (Sunny Side Up, Grilled tomato, Bacon, Sausage, Bread) and Rosti with Jumbo Hot Dog which unfortunately I didn't have the pictures. I was nursing baby Calysta when the foods came and both my helper & my boy were too hungry (and of course the foods were good and tempted them to eat so much) and they ate half of the yummy foods before I had the chance to take pictures. Hahaa.. I would rate Little Hero Big Breakfast 7/10 and Jumbo Hot Dog 8/10. My favorite would the Jumbo Hot Dog, not only it tasted good but it was very filling too!

I would recommend this place to those who love to enjoy beautiful morning with refreshing greenery with their family members and friends.

Enjoy the good foods, enjoy the greenery!

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