Tuesday, 18 August 2015

What I have been thinking...

What I have been thinking...

I have been neglecting my personal posts for quite a while because I have been really busy with sponsored reviews/media invites/sponsored posts etc. While it's really good to have part time pocket money from writing sponsored stuff but deep inside, I feel like I'm getting more distant from my blogging hobby. The point is I love to note down everything about my children & their milestones. I love writing about personal stuff I like but right now I'm just too busy to do it (sponsored posts are taking so much of my time, maybe I should rephrase it, my children are taking so much of my time and I have so little time to write and that 'little time' is wasted for writing whatever sponsored stuff) until tonight, my inspiration to write for sponsored stuff is GONE. And here I am, writing a personal post!

Baby no 3, yay or nay?

I have been thinking for quite a while if I should have no 3 or not. I'm a planner! I planned baby no 1 and baby no 2 and I planned in such a way that their age gap would be close (19 months difference). And no 3 is absolutely a big decision, not only I'm outnumbered (27 month old toddler & 8 month old baby) I'm not confident if I can handle 3 young kids under one roof. Having 2 is already stressing me out most of the time. I'm talking about toddler temper and baby refusing her foods and plus when they are both sick! not that I'm ungrateful, I'm beyond grateful having my two babies. Just that I can't imagine having 3 and I'm not ready! And how my life would be with 3 kiddos?

I have been discussing with my husband about no 3 and he seems confident that I can handle 3, hahaaa.. And he really thinks do it now or never at all! He thinks that he's getting older and it's going to be super duper tiring if our last kid comes years later when both EJ & Calysta have grown up (starting over is not really in our picture).

As a planner, I'm thinking even if I want to have no 3, I should have him/her in 2017, not only rooster year is suitable for both of us (Chinese zodiac thingy) but the age gap is just nice. 2013, 2014 and 2017 (4,3 and a newborn) I'm sure both EJ & Calysta will be adjusting well with the new baby. And I will be 34! One last baby before I close my baby shop at the age of 35! Seriously no more baby after the age of 35!!

But plan is just a plan, I'm not sure if fertility God would agree with us or not hehee.. Let it be fated! If it's fated, we will have no 3, if not, that's it! We are happy with 2 kids now!

Losing the extra baby fats

                                                        8 more kg, like seriously?

Oh God! I seriously struggle a lot with my weight. I'm stuck with 8 kg! Why is it that much? The reason is I got pregnant with no 2 when my no 1 was only 10 months old and at that time I haven't lost all my baby weight yet, I was stuck with 5 kg post pregnancy weight and bam, no 2 was in my tummy! I gained 25 kg in my first pregnancy & gained 17 kg in my second pregnancy and I lost 14 kg 8 months after I delivered Calysta. So here I am, adding extra 5 kg of weight from 1st pregnancy and extra 3 kg of weight from 2nd pregnancy, thanks, I have 8 kg of fats in my body!

I have started to go on diet when Calysta turned 7 months old. As she's taking 3 times solid food in a day and she doesn't latch that much anymore, so I thought that was the time I could go on diet & start to lose weight.

So I'm cutting down my carbo dinner & replacing it with protein and more protein. I also go for Zumba fitness, kickboxing and body sculpt class every week and I have lost 2 kg in a month. Currently my weight is at 68 kg, come on, 8 kg, it wouldn't be that hard, right? Reality is it's really hard and it's a hard work to lose a merely 1 kg of baby weight!

I'm going to write down on my blog my post delivery weight loss progress and I hope when you goggle "Singapore mommy post pregnancy weight loss" bam, you will be here! Hahaa..

EJ & Calysta

I have also been so busy preparing Calysta's first DIY birthday party. I have been paper crafting for quite a while and sharing (I hope I have the time) my DIY stuff here soon!

 DIY birthday project

EJ & Calysta have been fighting! It seems like EJ doesn't like to share his toys with his sister and he goes violent whenever Calysta snatches his toys away. "Bad girl" is EJ's new favorite word now! And Calysta is a stubborn girl! If she wants, she has to get it & force her way! And here's my life now, a full messy house of screaming and crying with lots of fighting! Will write more about kids when I really have time.. But seriously where did my time go???

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