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(Sponsored Review) New Drypers Drynights & Drypers Wet Wipes

Hi fellow mommies & daddies
What is the most challenging thing you have ever experienced in your parenthood journey?

Being a full time mum of two, the most challenging thing I have ever experienced in my motherhood journey is interrupted sleep. One of the causes for interrupted sleep is leakages of baby's wet diaper.

What could possibly be worse than waking up in the middle of night to a crying & wet little baby, cleaning her up, changing her diaper, clothes and bed sheet? Been there, done that!

Thanks to Drypers for sending Calysta New Drypers Drynights & Drypers Wet Wipes, I'm no longer a panda mama with black eyes. I have my beauty sleep back!

New Drypers Drynights Review

Calysta has been wearing the new Drypers Drynights for almost 1 month and yes it took me almost 1 month to try and do this genuine review. And here's what I thought:

1) Superior absorbency with longest absorption core

I normally clean Calysta up and change her a new fresh diaper at 6pm and usually Calysta sleeps at 8pm and I don't change her diaper until 7 or 8am in the next morning (more than 12 hours) The main reason is I just don't want to wake her up (when she wakes up, she refuses to sleep back and no thanks, my eyes are black enough!) and my other (selfish) reason is I need my beauty sleep (yes I seriously need it!)

And I'm impressed! NO leakages at all! She can mostly sleep through the night! She does latch midnight but it's more like dream/sleep latch and she doesn't wake up at all, thanks to the new Drypers Drynights, my baby girl sleeps comfortably!

From my experience being a mother, baby doesn't normally sleep comfortably when her diaper leaks and she's wet. Having to wear the new Drypers Drynights, it has NEVER been my case to change Calysta midnight or there's NO one night out of so many nights wearing Drypers Drynights she needs to wake up, change her diaper & wet pajamas!

The absorbency is superior! More than 12 hours regardless her sleeping position (she's normally sleeping in all kind of positions; tummy, back & side) and its longest absorption core to ensure leakage from the back is prevented, thanks to the smart innovation, Drypers Drynights' secured elastic leak guards that work hard to give my baby security & assurance to sleep through the night

Moreover, the unique technology allows for quick, even and effective absorption and distribution of pee and poo into the diaper to ensure 12 hours of long lasting dryness. Happy baby is happy mommy!

2) No diaper rash for her sensitive baby bum's cheeks

Calysta has been wearing Drypers Drynights for almost 30 days and so far she hasn't encountered any diaper rash yet. Drypers Drynights is gentle for her sensitive baby bum's cheeks. And there's no need for diaper cream! Yay!!!

3) Fitting is just nice

Calysta weighs 7.4 kg at 8 months old and she's wearing Drypers Drynights size M  (6-11 kg) that fit her just nice ~ not too tight and it doesn't leave her any red marks on her thighs. It's not too high and it's not too low, the fitting is just nice for her ~ so far no leakages of pee and poo at all! To me, diaper fitting is very important, if it doesn't fit well, pee and poo will leak and it's really awful to clean baby up when it comes to leaking poo. Yucks! Thanks to Drypers Drynights, I haven't encountered leaking pee/poo due to to wrong fitting. Phew!!

Drypers Drynights retail at $13.45 per pack and is available at all major super and hypermarkets from November 2014. Drypers Drynights come in 1 pack type for each of the 4 sizes. M~40 pieces, L~34 pieces, XL~30 pieces and XXL~24 pieces.

Interested to try? Simply logon to to request a sample now!

Drypers Wet Wipes

Another product I really love! The scent is so good, it smells like my favorite baby powder.

What I really love about Drypers Wet Wipes

1) The Scent

It's like so so so nice. Really smells like baby powder. Even smells better than my usual baby powder. The smell of softness, the smell of baby, the smell of love and florals are all packed in one!
And having to use this wipes, there's no longer stinky bum bum after diaper change. Bye bye horrible poo poo odor!

2) The good quality & thickness

The baby wipes are big enough to clean Calysta up and one of the features I like is its thickness! It doesn't tear easily and I wouldn't doubt its superior quality at all.

3) It doesn't irritate my baby's skin at all

Its alcohol-free formula is not only suitable for newborns but it's also gentle enough for Calysta's sensitive skin. It keeps Calysta's delicate skin moisturized thanks to the effective formula which is enriched with:

** Oat Kernel Extract to soothe and calm baby's skin
** Pro-vitamin B5 to keep baby's skin moisturized
** Baby Friendly Fragrance approved suitable for babies by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA)
** Alcohol-free to prevent dryness of baby's skin

4) One for all purposes!

I love baby wipes especially those with lovely scent like Drypers. Not only I'm using it to clean my children up but I do use it for myself whenever I need to freshen up the 'tired-looking-me'. The lovely scent will absolutely wake me up & I feel instantly fresher in minutes!

Baby wipes are simply handy and best innovation ever! I can use it for so many purposes (baby wipes can be used to remove make up too) and I can't possibly imagine life without baby wipes

Drypers wet wipes come in 2 sizes: 2 x 40 pieces & 2 x 100 pieces

For more information, please visit Drypers website at

Or like their Facebook page at

Thank you Drypers for keeping baby Calysta dry, making her sleep through the night comfortably & making her a happier baby ~ the journey with Drypers is unforgettable and I will continue this journey until her toddlerhood and share my experience with fellow mommies & daddies

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