Thursday, 29 October 2015

Packing for a long vacation

We are heading to Taiwan for a long vacation in 2 days time! Woohoo!
Being a perfectionist and an organized mum (with a little OCD in between haha..) makes my life difficult when it comes to packing for overseas trip. I would check, re-check my luggage again and again and make sure I don't forget anything my kids need! Oh yes, it's really stressful! I would think of Plan A and Plan B, or perhaps Plan C, what would happen if this goes this way and if that goes that way, bla bla bla.. Everything just running wild in my head over and over again! And here comes my comprehensive packing list. I just want to make sure my kids' needs are met well, no less!
Sharing what I'm packing for my 10 day holiday, it doesn't mean you (parents who are reading this & planning for a vacation) have to follow the same. I'm just feeling more comfortable knowing I pack everything my kids need.
And of course I hope my sharing helps a little hehee..
Btw, a little bit of introduction if you are visiting my blog for the 1st time from googling "what to pack for baby" I'm a mum of two, a 2.5 year old toddler boy & a 10.5 month old baby girl. My toddler boy is drinking formula milk and my baby girl is breastfed! Both eat homemade porridge only! The boy is more picky then the girl and guess what, I'm bringing my cooking utensils along to Taiwan, literally moving house!
Okay, get back to what I pack, here is my super super long list :P

p/s: this list is more focusing on mommy stuff & baby stuff, for toddler, he has his own luggage, pretty much sharing the same necessities but with extra toys, ipad, lollipops, some snacking to entertain him, more clothing for the toddler too as he's super active and of course milk powder & bottles. And last one, he needs his home blanket & Brownie (a puppy soft toy he calls)
4 long sleeves button shirt
3 short sleeves

1 scarf
2 dresses
1 long denim
5 leggings/jeggings (lighter than denim/long jeans at least)
2 shorts
5 sets of pajamas (can be washed if it's not enough)
5 padded tank tops for easy breastfeeding (can be washed & it dries easily too)
2 home shorts
6 sets of Underwear (can be washed), 2 easy pull down bras for breastfeeding & breast pads (don't bring many bras because I wear padded tank top instead for easy breastfeeding)
2 Jackets (1 thick leather jacket & 1 knitted jacket)
2 Nursing covers (big poncho type that I can use as a big scarf too)

Pads (gotta having period soon)
(Travel size)Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, shampoo, conditioner, facial wash, soap, make up remover, small hairdryer, face moisturizer, a very small bag of make up (basic make up), hair brush, hair band/clips lipgloss, mini hair oil, sample size of bottle & laundry detergent to wash baby stuff

Medications for adults like panadol, cough/flu mixture, etc
Make up
10 pairs of contact lenses (disposable kind)
Nail cutter
Vitamin C to prevent cold

Diaper 1 pack (walker 33pcs size M) & 20pcs pampers for night wear
1 crochet shoes, 1 mitten 1 hat
1 winter jacket
2 extra jackets
7 sets of top with legging for autumn (matching clips as well)
2 dresses with legging (matching clips as well)
9 sets of pajamas
4 sets of home clothing
3 bibs
4 napkins
2 carrier teething pads
2 Towels & 2 blankets

Sterimar & nose aspirator
Medicines like paracetamol, burofen, cough/flu mixture, diarrhea sachet, nose drop, etc
Essential oil
1 box of disposable bibs
Baby foods (jars & purée), milk powder & bottles (for toddler), cereals & toys to entertain toddler in airplane
Mini rice cooker (to cook porridge)

Bumbo Chair/inflated kind (to feed the baby)

Other baby things:
2 Pigeon anti bacterial wipes
Ear Thermometer & fever patch
2 Baby wipes
Tummy oil
Toiletries (bring all sample size)
Cottons & cotton buds & gauze to wash mouth
Nail cutter
Aveeno baby
Hand sanitizer
Baby oil
Desitin diaper cream

Mommy's clothes, all are breastfeeding friendly. I bring jegging (legging jeans) instead of jeans because it's so much lighter. And I also bring padded tank top to wear inside for easy pull-down nursing! And Uniqlo padded tank top dries pretty quickly over the night, so I can wash & wear repeatedly!

Zip lock bag is the key to organize well & using zip lock bags, I can find my stuff pretty easily and it's much neater too

And I put my stuff in a big plastic bag, so I can locate easily where's mine and where's baby's and of course I can use back the big plastic bag to dump dirty laundry!

Baby girl's clothing. I even match her ribbons & socks accordingly!

I'm packing mostly long sleeves & leggings with jackets since Taiwan's season is autumn now and it's quite cold. Not forgetting a pair of gloves & a hat too since we will be going to the mountain side where it can be cold & windy!

And clip her hair ribbon to each of her outfit too

And yes, each zip lock bag for different category!

Plastic bag to organize

I pack her diapers too, just in case I can't find brands she's comfortably using and especially for my toddler boy, I can hardly find size XXL comfortable diaper for him overseas, so I bring it from here! to be safe!

My necessities, period coming soon and seriously travelling & period don't go along well, never ever & it's troublesome too, super! If you ask me "but you can buy pads there, right?'' Yes, I can, but I don't like the idea rushing to store just to get sanitary pads, worst midnight. I just like to be ready!

Almost forget about this, sample size hair oil for my dry hair, lip balm & hair clips/bands

Baby Necessities ~ pretty much sharing the same thing with my toddler

I find sample size toiletries is very useful because baby doesn't use so much body/hair wash and a little bit of amount will do! I'm also bringing sample size of bottle detergent and baby laundry detergent to do a little bit of washing there

And the white bag is baby's necessities and the bumble-bee bag is mommy's necessities. I love to organize well!

Not forgetting important stuff such as nasal aspirator & sterimar nose spray in case kids having runny nose

Baby blankets (she's using sleeping bag) and towels. I just feel better if I use my own home towel than hotel's one

Loving my baby blue leather jacket from Love Bonito & super stylish rainbow nursing cover that I can use as a big scarf too

Essential Oils & Diffuser (mostly already been packed and not in the picture here) Gentle baby EO is a must!

Vitamin C to prevent cold for both me & my toddler (Yes, I eat this too because it's really yummy & easy to eat Vit C)

Medications for baby & toddler. Since they are sharing the same medications (toddler taking 2x higher dosage than baby), it's easier for me to pack everything in a bag too. Medicines like paracetamol, burofen, cough/flu mixture, diarrhea sachet, nose drop, etc are very important! Don't forget to bring syringe too. I will also bring some medications for adults such as Panadol, cough/flu mixture, etc
Baby foods. Yes I'm talking about convenient food! Since baby Calysta loves beef pasta, so I bring what she likes to eat more!

Bubble wrap the glass jars to prevent it from breaking and put food stuff in a separate luggage

New toys to entertain my cranky toddler (oh yes, he can throw temper badly if he's bored) preferably toys that can attract his attention for a long 6 hour journey. These are small toys and luckily these are not heavy & I can dump everything inside my diaper bag. Toys that require motor skills are good! For some reasons, old toys can't attract his attention for long, so mommy bought some new stuff for him & hope he likes it! :)

My super basic travel size make up, at least I look more... well, more presentable for photo! :p

Stuff in my diaper bag. Toddler has his own diaper bag, pretty much the same except he has his own iPad & milk powder, baby bottle & water bottle (oh yes, some lollipops to help him in easing ear pain during/after take-off/landing too!). I'm breastfeeding, so it's easier for me, just take out my nursing cover & latch the baby on! She will also be eating solid in the airplane, so I'm bringing baby food along in my diaper bag!

 p/s: I'm bringing a mini rice cooker not shown here as I have packed it away (light weight for travelling) to cook home made porridge for my kids, especially my toddler boy since he's really that picky and would refuse outside food at all! So yeah, I'm pretty done with packing and next will be a lot of praying, so our long journey will be smooth!

Wish us luck! And Until my next post on my long vacation to Taiwan! Bye from now!

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