Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Calysta is ONE!!!

My little princess turned ONE year old on 11th Dec 2015. Time flew so fast!

Dear Calysta,

Happy 1st birthday baby girl! One year ago on this date, I was already 40 weeks pregnant but you refused to come out and I was waiting for my induction date but you surprised me. You chose 11th Dec, exactly your EDD to come to this world. I remember I didn't get induced because you gave me natural contractions and 4 hours later, like fast & furious, you came into my life ~ so tiny & so perfect!

The first month wasn't easy, I struggled a lot with breastfeeding you but I refused to give up, I kept on trying and trying. In fact breastfeeding had never been easy for both of us until you turned 6 months old.

I worried when you were sick, I cried together with you, I couldn't sleep when you were having fever. I was always by your side ~ and I'm always and I will always by your side. To pick you up when you fall down, to wipe your tears when you are upset, to support you when you need me to. Will hug you tight when you are having tough times. I'm your mother, your supporter, your best friend, your partner, your biggest fan..

Baby girl, for the past 1 year, it wasn't easy but it's so worth it! Thank you for choosing me as your mother, thank you for making me a stronger 2nd time mum, thank you for being my sweetest daughter. And thank you for being so obedient. And thank you for the exclusive breastfeeding for 1 year. We made it!

You are my princess and are always my beautiful princess in my eyes ~ just like your name Calysta.

May you grow well, healthy and happy. Mommy loves you so much!

CALYSTA at ONE year old:

77cm 8.3 kg
4 teeth
Loves to dance, snack, being outside, play & fight with her older brother
Can do flying kiss, kiss mommy on her cheek, wave good bye, clap hands, pee-ka-boo, self feed, stand and WALK
Favorite song is anything mommy sings while latching her on
Can say short words like car, duck, throw, no no no, mama, dada, shirt, socks and many more
Yummy foods are anything offered to her like crackers, chocolate, pancake, fries, biscuits, meat and many more (all foods are yummy to her except soft porridge)

Her lunar birthday was on 1st December which we had a small celebration at home and we did some prayer too (Chinese Tradition) to wish her the best health & luck.

Chinese has this old tradition where a one year kid got to pick one item out of many provided to future out which profession the kid gonna be when the kid grows up.

And Calysta picked ruler at first, meaning she could be an architect or product designer in the future and later on she picked a pen, meaning she could be a writer or blogger (like her mommy) and she held both ruler & pen for a long time. Not keen in other stuff like chicken leg, calculator, money, etc hehee..

Eating a big chicken thigh represents good luck, good health & always have enough food when she grows up

Red eggs are MUST too!

Happy baby with her birthday ang baos

Simple birthday cake :)

Her actual birthday was on 11th December 2015 and we couldn't celebrate on that day because both kids were not feeling well & most of our relatives and friends were away for holiday, so we celebrated her princess birthday on 19th December 2015. But on 11th December, we bought her a birthday cake and she got to blow her birthday candle (yes again!) and again on 19th December hahahaa...

Her actual birthday on 11th Dec

We celebrated her first birthday with the theme "sweet and glamorous princess ballerina" at Fun at Giggles, Marina Parade. Her birthday was 100% DIY, meaning everything from dessert table decoration, goodies bags to sweet desserts were 100% made by mommy and her helper. It took me months of preparation but the final result was so worth it. Will blog more about DIY and stuff when I'm more free! :)

The pink goodies bags with little ballet dress were hand made with love :)

Dessert table mommy & her helper set up on their own :)

Yummy choco balls we made one day before her party

All dessert toppers were little ballerina tutu dress and ballerina shoes

A ballerina doll coming to celebrate her party too, with matching ballerina dress, shoes and princess crown

Home made marshmallow dipped with delicious chocolate and sweet strawberries (icing sugar coated) 

Delicious homemade butter cookies

DIY ballerina dress topper

Princess cake to match the theme

Homemade cheesy spaghetti for kids :)

Nice buffet by Neo Garden

Hand made goodies bags

 Family photo

Princess and her daddy

The birthday girl

 Activity for little friends :) I really appreciate what Fun at Giggles had done. Not only we had super smooth birthday but they did effort like this to entertain our little friends :)

And so now we officially have 2 toddlers in our family. A 2 year old toddler boy and a 1 year old toddler girl :)

Blowing birthday candle together!

We love you, Calysta!

Lucky princess and her birthday presents :)
Calysta's adventure as a toddler girl is starting now!

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