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The Flying Cow Ranch - Taiwan Part 3

Part 3 - The Flying Cow Ranch, Miaoli

We also visited The Flying Cow Ranch in Miaoli, Taiwan. We were there in early November and gosh, it was so hot, humid & sweaty. Overall, despite the bright sun & sweatiness, my kids pretty enjoyed the trip, mainly they loved the animals.

We stayed at the Flying Cow Ranch hotel for a night and thought one night was enough because honestly it was quite a boring place. And hot too!

Baby wearing my 2 year old boy!

The cafĂ© that served really nice pasta & milk pudding was absolutely yummy!

Little playground for kids ~ I didn't find the playground interesting though as nothing much in there! Nevertheless, EJ enjoyed it!

This was what EJ enjoyed the most! It's a little farm house where visitors can feed super cute bunnies! You can spot a few chickens there too!


Bunnies were waiting for you to feed!

Sweaty EJ but he didn't bother the hot weather ~ he was just too curious because it was his first time seeing living bunnies & many of them in a cage!

Admiring these little cutie fluffy friends

He could stay there all day long, if allowed to!

Feeding the animals!

The goats & sheep

Feeding time!

And we fed those little friends with this!

With baby Calysta (11 months old that time) ~ btw, we borrowed this stroller from The Flying Cow Ranch, that's the good thing about it ~ you can borrow baby stroller for free!

Selfie with my baby girl while relaxing at this little gift shop ~ selling gifts, plants, milk skin care, drink, etc

Both kids in stroller we borrowed!

Ducks show! I guess this was the most interesting part of our journey at The Flying Cow Ranch :)

So many white ducks with super soft feathers waiting to be fed. The farm man was holding a bell and rang it. Those little duckies were so clever, there they went out once they heard the bell ring

Running little quakies!

Hungry little quackies and they're actually fed 3 times a day and visitors are allowed to feed too with supervision at certain time schedule, of course!

Feeding time ~ I found this exciting to watch, even for a grown up adult like me ~ too cute! I did admire little ducks, I really did! :)

Although EJ was a bit scared, nevertheless, mommy enjoyed the duckies show a lot!

Too much loves your heart can't hold all!

After a while, he wasn't that scared with real ducks anymore!

He was actually.... interacting with a ducky!

And visitors were given a chance to milk a cow, no joking! Mama cow' nipples were being washed before milking session and visitors were required to sanitize hands too!

And I tried to milk a cow with a baby sleeping in my carrier, ironically I'm still breastfeeding, so I felt strange hahaaa... I felt funny to touch mama's cow nipple, it was big and pretty firm and milking a cow wasn't easy.. Mmm well, I did hand express breast milk before when I got really engorged but expressing milk from a cow wasn't that easy and a good technique is really needed to prevent mama cow from feeling painful during milking!
Baby cows ~ these babies are actually only a few months old although they look huge, bigger than a sheep! and I was told mama cow is still breastfeeding her babies!

More cows in the farm! It's indeed a real farm experience ~ although me and my husband found it boring but nevertheless, a good place for kids to learn more about animals :)

The tiring part! Going up and down the hills to see animals! Me & my helper doing the work out!

More feeding sheep and goat experience before we were heading back to Taipei in the afternoon!

Happy Calysta!

EJ received a good bye kiss!

Feeding time EJ always got super duper excited although he was a little afraid to go too near during feeding ~ instead of feeding directly, EJ preferred to throw everything to the cage and let those animals eat themselves hahaa.. Smart boy!

Btw, for the sheep/goat food, it was provided, you just need to pay like less than 50 cents (I cant remember) You just need to put your coins inside the box they provided and you grab the food, really super easy & without supervision!

Back to Taipei in the afternoon with 2.5 hour journey. We rented a car with a local driver, provided by the hotel! So, this is the end of our Taiwan holiday, overall it was a nice trip although tiring because we brought a 2 year old toddler and an almost 1 year old baby along. So yeah, with kids this young, it was a lot of mess! Nevertheless, we would come back to Taiwan and explore more cites when they are bigger!
Here's our journey:

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