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Cing Jing Farm Stay, Taiwan - PART 2

Here's part 2 of our Taiwan holiday ~ here's Part 1-Taipei

The next destination we went was Cing Jing Farm Stay and we loved it! Kids had so much fun especially my toddler, he enjoyed seeing & touching farm animals! Farm Stay was the best experience for my kids and the most exciting trip too! We enjoyed the cool weather in the mountain, beautiful scenery and fresh air! It was already early November when we went there!

The place we stayed during our farm stay was Senn Love, highly recommended this beautiful accommodation. The owner was so nice & friendly, the hotel service was excellent, wi-fi was super fast, room was cozy, free transportation, nice breakfast and scenery was breathtaking. We will come back again!

Cold autumn weather like 18 deg at Cing Jing, Calysta wore mittens too!

The first place we visited at Cing Jing was the sheep farm. Overall it was super fun, feeding and interacting with the sheep. The sheep was friendly in overall ~ only when you have something (food) in your hand, hahaa... and the ba-ba sheep will approach you and you can feed the sheep with the sheep food (grass) you buy from the vending machine :)

Happy Boy! Sheep farm was the place he enjoyed the most!

The scenery was too beautiful! We enjoyed the fresh air a lot!

EJ reading map! hahaa..

EJ riding horse ~ well he actually requested daddy to buy him ticket, so he can ride horse and he enjoyed it so much!

and this... ba-ba-black sheep like the one in the nursery video EJ watched a lot and he finally met the real ba-ba-black sheep. He was excited!

EJ and our helper feeding the white sheep

The sheep was greedy! it's like never ever get full no matter how much they have eaten!

The Sheep performance stage

And one tired baby finally!

We had our dinner at this restaurant where everything was made from card box ~ chairs, cups, decorations, etc. Very interesting!

EJ was ready for his dinner!

Cute card box cup holder :)

Hot Steamboat in a super cold night was so good!

Our room! Please don't mind our mess, but the room was really big & cozy for a family of 4 and a helper!

Mother & Son wefie

The beautiful scenery from our accommodation at the farm stay

We also visited the Swiss Garden. Honestly, except a big big garden & beautiful ducks pond, there's nothing much there. Nonetheless, EJ enjoyed it pretty much because there were many ducks and he was so excited about feeding the ducks & seeing the little ducklings!


Ducks coming & EJ got too excited!

Ducks, Gooses, Swans... All swimming happily there!

Little Ducklings!

Mommy laying her eggs there, so lovely!

Feeding the ducks ~ we bought duck food from vending machine too!

Calysta enjoyed ice-cream! Hahaa.. eating ice cream in a cold cold day is pretty good!

EJ enjoyed his ice cream too!

And we went hiking too, to enjoy the beautiful scenery & fresh air but carrying 8 kg of load was a damage to my shoulders & legs. My body felt... sore and old!

This was the most torturing part! Hahahaa... Basically we had to climb down from the sheep farm to reach our transportation. Basically to climb down to exit the sheep farm and there were hundreds of steps. It was seriously killing my legs! Hahaha... Can I consider that as part of workout as well? :P

Overall, Farm Stay at Cing Jing was so fun & enjoyable and my kids enjoyed the fresh air, beautiful scenery and interacting with animals was their best experience. We will be going back there again in the future :)
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  1. Hi there, when did you go to Cingjing? I am going in late november and am wondering to to dress my 9 months old baby.... any advice?