Monday, 29 February 2016

Calysta 6-14 months update

I think my last update about Calysta was more than 6 months ago! Gosh, how time flew by so quickly! I have been so busy for the past 6 months being a mommy of 2 young kids!

Anyway, Calysta is 14 months old now and an absolute sweetheart. She's a daughter I couldn't ask for more! She is one sweet little girl heaven sent me! I have a strong bonding with my daughter thanks to my extended breastfeeding past infancy period! I guess my 14 month breastfeeding journey is worth it! Breast milk is proven as golden liquid for baby's brains development and it really is for my case! and at this age, she's able to speak many short words like no more, no no no, cat, dog, socks, bird, poo poo, bye bye, hi, kor kor, mama, papa, auntie, go, door and so many more! She never fails to copy what we are talking! She's able to understand instructions like close the door, wear your shoes, come here, remove your socks and many more. And of course instruction to kiss mommy haha.. Couldn't be more proud of my little girl!

In terms of size, she's one petite sized little girl measuring at 76 cm and 8.8 kg at 14 months old. She has 5 teeth now! She has been eating solid well and not a picky eater so far, lucky me! and I wonder why does she gain weight so slowly. She is still gaining luckily ~ just that she's gaining at a snail's pace! As long as she is healthy, size doesn't really matter right? or does it?

Calysta has been hitting her milestones very well. At 6 months plus, she started to stand up on her own ~ holding into baby crib, furniture or something. At 7 months plus, she started crawling. At 9 months plus, she started to stand up unassisted. And at 10 months, she could move a few steps to the right and a few steps to the left unassisted. Finally, at 11 months old, she walked independently. By her first birthday, she was already able to walk fast like a little toddler girl.

And at 1 year plus, she can sing a song "na na na na..." with a tone, is able to talk or fight back with her big brother, able to follow what we are doing. Able to dance, run, scream, throw temper just like a little toddler does! She's growing up too fast! She loves headbands, loves to get her hair done, loves to see herself in front of mirror! She's one girlie girl, just like her mommy! She's also one soft hearted little girl who will cry if we scold her or raise our voice at her. She loves softness and gentleness, that's her personality!

She's always feel inspired by what her brother doing. If her bother does something, she must do it too. If her brother has something, she must have it too! I guess siblings competitiveness starts at very early stage, isn't?

She's trying to stay by her brother side all the time and often her brother EJ feels annoyed by her following him and her staring (at him doing something). Often, she is being pushed away by EJ and often, we hear loud crying from this girl (she falls down)!

Another thing I love from Calysta is she's really obedient and she can understand instructions very well. I hope she will always stay as an obedient daughter to her mommy & daddy when she grows up, just like she did when she was a little girl. When mommy screams & means "no, don't touch" she wouldn't dare to move an inch, often standing still & crying on the spot. Adorable! She pretty much understands "YES'' and ''NO", a character that makes her more matured comparing to other toddlers at one year old.

She loves music too, well I mean adult music like K-POP, English songs, etc ~ not nursery rhymes kind haha.. She loves to dance to her favorite music :) She is just simply one adorable girl everybody will adore :)

6 months

7 months

8 months

9 months

10 months

11 months

12 months

13 months

Kissing mommy when mommy asking (or without asking her). She's truly one little sweetie!

14 months

Little doll is turning 2 end of this year. Time flies like crazy! At the moment, I'm still enjoying every single bit of breastfeeding moment with her. One day she will wean, one day she will not need my breasts to fall asleep. But not today! Don't grow up too fast, little princess!

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