Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Update about EJ & his activities & his moments

(Super Long Post!)

I think I haven't been updating stuff about my kids for so long. I don't know why these past a few months, I just want to stay away from blogging and give myself a break until I'm ready again.

It's like too much to update but too little time hahaa..

My son, EJ is 2 years 9 months old and my daughter, Calysta is 1 year 2 months old. As you can tell both are toddlers with only 1.5 year age gap (19 months to be precise). both are active and need full attention from their mommy, so every day my life is all about my kids and my kids. I can hardly have time for myself. I wonder how other mommy bloggers can manage their time between blogging and kids. I'm just too tired at night to do any blogging!

I think I have not been particularly updating about EJ since he turned 24 months old. Oh gosh, where did time go? Overall, for the past 1 year, it has been awesome having them in my life and I couldn't imagine my life without my 2 kiddos. So this post is mostly about EJ! (But I think mostly every post is also about my kids lol!)

Here's how it's like with 2 toddlers under 3 years old:

7am: both are awake!. EJ has his milk for breakfast (he doesn't want anything in the morning except milk). Calysta latches (yes, I'm still breastfeeding her!) and she has her breakfast (bread + cheese or pancake, muffin etc.. she's not a picky eater luckily!)
8.30am: sending EJ to his nursery
9am: EJ enters nursery and mommy goes back home to take shower & have her breakfast. Calysta has her shower too
10.30am: picking EJ up from his nursery
11am: EJ goes back home
11.30am: EJ & Calysta have their lunch
12pm: EJ taking shower while Calysta has her first afternoon nap
1.30pm: both have their afternoon milk
2pm: Activities time for EJ
3pm: Calysta latches & has her mid-noon snacking
4pm: we will go for walk/playground/shopping etc
5pm: kids have their dinner. Yes they normally have early dinner
6pm: kids taking shower together
7pm: kids getting ready for bed & have their milk
7.30pm: Good night. Lights off & kids are sleeping

The rest is mommy's me time! mommy deserves a longer me time, right?

Activities with EJ at 2pm:

I love (and EJ loves too) to do activity time with EJ and I believe those activities can improve his motor skills and enhance his memory. It doesn't have to be expensive. Mostly, I bought his activity stuff from Daiso or preschool activity books bought during supermarket sale. Cheap stuff can entertain toddlers too.

sticking the leaves to the tree, sticking & arranging fishes, turtles & starfish to the aquarium, matching colors & shapes, etc..
EJ did some finger print, coloring & painting, sticking whales, ships, jelly fishes, etc, scrambled & pretended to throw papers to dustbin by sticking it, etc. He also matched colored eggs (good for motor skill, memory & coordination), sticking itcy bitcy spider's legs, coloring & matching numbers (I find this is a super effective way for him to learn numbers, not only he will know how to recite numbers but he will remember & recognize numbers as well!
I find that simple activity like coloring & sticking colorful papers is good for toddler motor skill & his brains development. As toddler below 3 is still developing their hand muscles & coordination, encouraging him to do artwork can stimulate his brains I believe
he did some cars & wheels color matching (because he likes cars and I want him to find activity time interesting). Doesn't matter if some of it he couldn't stick it into a straight line or the wheel colors don't match ~ I believe every individual child has his/her own creativity
 EJ made turtle & crab and he learned numbers too (yes again & again)
 Butterfly & sheep
 Fish EJ made using his hand print and polar bear using cotton he scrambled & pasted.
 Sorting out colors can be fun for a toddler too
Paper Plate Lady bug colored & pasted by EJ

EJ made this flower himself & told me "give daddy"

EJ's painting. Love the super cheap water colors from daiso that are easily washed off and I also use ice cube tray with cover. I can store the left over paints for next use!

EJ ~ 24 months to 33 months

24 months ~ cars & vehicles obsession. He's never ever bored! Not once! There's always a space for a new car!

24 months
 Cheeky boy!

26 months

Loving blocks & legos toys

Baby puff is yummy!

 28 months

29 months

He still likes mommy to baby wearing him
 growing up well, 16 kg & 102cm at 2 years 5 months old

Loving his puppy soft toy he named "brownie"

30 months

31 months

Been asking us to get him a pet, instead we got him a bunny toy & he was pretty contented!

32 months

33 months

EJ moments:

Feb 2016:

Apparently EJ has secret admirer at nursery. So there's this 2 year old little girl at his nursery who has just confessed to him just now hahaha..

Little girl's auntie asked her "is EJ your boyfriend?"
Little girl answered "yes"
Little girl's auntie: why did you say so?"
Little girl: EJ handsome
Me: lol

According to the girl's auntie, the girl has been mentioning EJ a lot at home that she likes EJ because EJ is handsome hahaha.. And apparently she remembers EJ only and is protective towards EJ. Like when the girl's brother teased her : I call EJ & hit him" the gal would scream "nooooo.. Can not!!" And she also said EJ is naughty because he throws things in the class but she still likes him because he's handsome hahaha..

And I asked EJ too "is K (the girl's name) pretty?"

EJ nodded "pretty"

Toddlers are just so cute & innocent!
Jan 2016
My sweet little EJ, sometimes an angel, sometimes a little monster. Apparently yesterday he was being punished by his teacher for being naughty in the class for throwing toys, making loud noises & pushing his friend. So he came back home & I lectured him ALOT & he did this to Calysta (then I knew he was actually being punished)

EJ: (holding Calysta's face just like teacher did when she talked to ...
her student seriously) "Mei Mei, one more time, one more time... Corner, stand there.. One more time.."

EJ: "Mei Mei, naughty.. One more time, corner, sit, stand there..." (Kept repeating & repeating the same sentence to his sister)

I didn't know whether to laugh because he was naughty in a cute way or what! Naughty boy followed what teacher did to him hahaha
Dec 2015
So proud of EJ meeting another milestone at 2 years 8 months old. Perhaps other toddlers his age have talked fluently but I have been waiting for this milestone to happen. And he surprised me. Yesterday he said

"Auntie, open the door please" (asking our helper to open the baby gate, so he can enter the kitchen)

"I sit baby chair" (when I put him in his high chair to eat dinner)

"My eyes pain"...
(when the light is too bright)

"Okay done" (when he's done doing something)

"Thank you & please help" (he always say those words)

It's a good start and I hope I'm going to have a talkative toddler soon
Nov 2015
EJ is really funny! 2.5 year old likes to ask questions he already knew the answers but would like to test you!

EJ: what is this? (Pointing at panda picture)
Me: it's a panda
EJ: I know
Me: .....

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