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10 Outing Places in Singapore for toddlers

As most of my readers know that I have 2 toddlers under the age 3 and like other toddlers, my toddlers don't like to stay at home ~ they like to go out and often they would request me to bring them out. The 14 month old girl would take her shoes herself and point to her stroller asking me to bring her out. The older boy who started speaking would request too & often throw temper when he got too bored at home.

As much as I would like to bring them out every weekend but bringing 2 toddlers to a place where is far away from our house can be inconvenient. Imagine taking super crowded trains or buses with crying & grumpy toddlers ~ instead of than enjoying our family outing, I would be going crazy & stressed out & it would ruin our weekend, right?

So most of their weekends, I will normally bring them to the outdoor playgrounds under our housing facilities. Just a few minutes of walking from the house & kids can enjoy those slides, swings, climbers, etc. Even though it's a free outing activity but trust me, kids enjoy it so much as paid outing activity! Kids get contented pretty easily & it's pretty easy to satisfy them luckily :)

Having said so, I still believe they need more exposures to more places, so I do bring them out to places they have never been before, so they can experience their wonderful childhood. And at their age below 3, places they go must be appropriate to their age group, so I'm pretty selective on where to bring my kids for outing here in Singapore. As I said, not all places are suitable for toddlers under 3 years old.

Just to share with fellow mommies here what I thought of places we visited before

Btw, we stay at north-east area in Singapore and some places we visited are really near to where we stay and for convenient reason, we visited those "nearby" places more than other places beyond north-east area. Maybe when kids are older, we would like to visit more outing places outside north-east area :)

so, here are 10 Outing Places in Singapore for toddlers we have visited:

1) Sand Play + Outdoor Water Park at Punggol Waterway

My kids love to play sand and the sand play area at punggol waterway is the nearest to our house. 10 minutes by LRT from our house plus 5-10 minutes of brisk walking to the sand play + water park area.

This place is one of our favorites, not only it is very near to our house, but it's free of charge too and the sand play area is really huge! My kids can bring their toys and enjoy their play there!

The outdoor water park is also very fun but unfortunately my kids are a bit afraid of water! They don't really enjoy water as much as they enjoy the sand! If you happen to go there, do not afraid, they have changing room & shower area for you to clean up!

The con is only one! It's hot! Unless if you don't mind to play under hot & bright sun or go there at 6pm (which I think it is too late, my kids settle down early and by 7pm, they go to bed, so 6pm-ish outing is not our thing)

They enjoy it a lot!

2. Lorong Halus Wetland

Evening walk at Lorong Halus Wetland with beautiful scenery surrounding is breathtaking! We love evening walk! Not only this beautiful place is surrounded by beautiful greenery and huge river but evening walk is a good exercise activity with kids. Not only we feel fresher, seeing greenery can stimulate toddlers' brains development too! And it's only 15 minutes walking distance from our house! We will also walk along Punggol Promenade riverside!

Beautiful scenery at Punggol Waterway!

EJ can run freely!

He can watch living turtles too ~ big and small turtles! Lotus flowers in the pond are absolutely beautiful!

Calysta enjoying her fresh air too! Look how happy she is!

Admiring the beautiful scenery and walking through the bridge is very calming too. It's pretty windy as well!

3. Gardens by the bay

It's really a nice place but it's too far from the place we stay. As much as I do enjoy strolling with my kids at Gardens by the bay, I would still prefer the greenery behind my house ~ Punggol Promenade or Waterway, it's more hassle-free! I would still bring kids to Gardens by the bay but on special occasions only like Christmas :)

4. Free Playground at Punggol Waterway Point

The good thing about this is 1) FREE. 2) Kids love it so much! They can climb up & down freely!

The bad thing is 1) Too crowded 2) Older kids run around wildly & can be dangerous to little kids/toddlers.

The playground is inspired by Alice in Wonderland and the indoor playground is fully padded, thus it's safe for children, even the toys are padded (foam kind of material if you touch)

We have been to this playground a few times since Punggol Waterway Point is just 4 stations away from our house but I haven't been bringing kids there recently because of HFMD outbreak risk. The more children in an indoor playground, the higher risk! I'm a bit afraid of this!

5. Singapore Zoo
Kids love zoo! They simply love animals! Especially EJ, he requested us to bring him to the zoo to see the animals and he told us he wanted to see baby elephants! My concern about zoo is it's freaking hot! and sweaty! We went to the zoo during raining season, although it was raining but somehow raining was so much better than super hot burning afternoon sun! Trust me! At least, it was cold, we didn't sweat & we had more energy to walk more! We knew it was going to rain, so raincoat for EJ & big umbrellas were necessities!
Kids enjoyed carousel ride at the zoo so much!

And finally EJ got to see baby elephant he had been wanting to see for so long!

Mommy & baby girl

Stroller is a must too! Toddler gets tired easily and can't walk for too long!

Giraffe is another animal EJ fascinated about!

EJ found igloo interesting!

Super huge White Polar Bear aquarium EJ fascinated the most!

6. Science Centre
Interesting place with full of science knowledge kids should learn! I always love science Centre, it may not be the right place for toddlers under 3 as toddlers this age are too young to understand but science Centre makes a good outing place for a family in overall! There are a few areas EJ did enjoy actually!

One of EJ's favorites is watching egg hatching into baby chick! He kept saying "cute"

And shooting balls game is another favorite!

7. Pretend/Role Playing Playground
EJ loves this kind of playground ALOT! We visited Little Planet at Centre Point Orchard, as much as EJ enjoyed playing at this playground a lot but I have to say the playground is pretty small and entrance is quite expensive compared to the size & toys provided at the playground
EJ pretending to be a farmer

Planting! The best thing is he was allowed to make a big mess!

Shopping section

Pretending to be a shopper! Look at his excited face! It's like where else can he shop & take whatever groceries he wants without being scolded?

More and more stuff for him to ''shop'' Marketing can be fun for a little boy too, huh?

Pretending to be a fisher man ~ although many of fishing toys are not working!

Pretending to be a chef

8. Pororo Park
We have been to Pororo Park once, EJ & Calysta did enjoy it although I personally think it's not worth the expensive ticket going inside the park (not that big park in my opinion) unless you or your kids are big fans of Pororo. Both EJ & Calysta were too young for the Jungle Gym playground and they were a bit afraid taking Pororo trains although at the end, they were brave enough to enjoy the ride :)

Toddler play area is a bit small and not much for toddlers to play!

Cheerful Calysta

However they did enjoy the balls pool!

Cute Pororo house with mini furniture! Cute to take pictures :)

9. Resort World Sentosa
We have been to RSW, mostly for staycation. Kids love to stay at hotel room, not sure why but they find it exciting sleeping in the new place with soft big bed, carpeted floor where they can roll around safely & comfortably! I find RSW is a nice place for weekend gateway. We also brought kids to watch songs of the sea show which they didn't enjoy it and we had to leave 15 minutes before the show ended. What a waste! Other than that, kids enjoyed strolling at Sentosa island and overall it was a good staycation for our family. Most important tip: bring whatever stuff from home your kids feel comfortable to sleep with! For EJ, it was his puppy soft toy! He just couldn't sleep well without his puppy toy :D
Brother & sister bonding moment
 Don't forget to bring your kid's favorite toys too!

From Sentosa, we went to Vivo City & brought kids to Polliwog Indoor Playground. It was pretty nice!

EJ enjoying his slide!
10. SEA Aquarium
One of EJ's most favorite places, simply because EJ loves fishes and other marine creatures like starfish, sea turtle, jelly fish, etc! He can't stop getting too excited looking & pointing at those fishes.  "wow, look, big fish, wow shark, wow whale.." screaming excitedly and paying for SEA Aquarium ticket is so worth it! Another good thing is toddlers below 3 is free of charge!

We went there when Calysta was still a baby and we will go there again!
I will be exploring more places here and bringing my toddlers out to new outing places. So far some of those places are our favorites and what are your favorite outing places for your toddlers?

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