Thursday, 10 March 2016

CNY 2016

Please don't mind my belated CNY 2016 post hehee

CNY was last month, on 8th Feb 2016. EJ was 2 years 8 months old and Calysta was almost 14 months old

CNY 2016 celebration was great! I was back to pre-pregnancy weight minus 2 kg and of course I could indulge on whatever CNY food I liked! :) That's the great thing, isn't?

CNY with my family in Singapore was pretty straight forward.

New Year Eve, we had steamboat at SIL's house

First day of CNY, we had good lunch cooked by MIL and of course family gathering

Second day of CNY, we went to relatives' houses for house visiting

Third day of CNY, we had lunch gathering at SIL's house

Basically that's about it!

Kids received lots of red packets (with $$$ inside) which they didn't understand yet what was that for and about! A few more years, they will understand and by that time, I doubt if they would let me keep their CNY red packet $ (for saving) or not, hahaa..

CNY Eve we-fie with my son

New Matching Minion pajamas for brother & sister. It's Chinese tradition kinda thing. New Pajamas must be worn during New Year Eve for better luck! It was their first matching outfits and EJ got so excited and mommy got excited too hahaa...I feel they are cute wearing the same outfits lol
 CNY DAY 1 - family picture

EJ's CNY outfit

Calysta's cheongsam dress

See the difference?


CNY DAY 2 ~ kids' outfits

So yeah that's about it! We had super simple CNY celebration and I wonder how will 2017 CNY look like? :p

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