Saturday, 26 March 2016

Korean Effortless 'No Makeup' Look

I have been watching Korean drama recently and oh man, I'm so fascinated by the Korean Effortless 'No Makeup' Look. I mean like how come someone can be that beautiful with so minimal make-up? That flawless dewy skin, gradient lips, natural wavy hair... I want to achieve that look too!

Apparently it's not so hard to achieve and it's pretty easy too! And this is how I achieve that effortless 'No Makeup' Look and it only takes me like 10-15 minutes for the whole look! It's absolutely my favorite make up look so far!

Products I'm using:

Face: étude house precious mineral bb cream bright fit, étude house magic any cushion (magic pink), L'oreal Paris true match super blendable concealer

* It's pretty simple, after I wash my face, I moisturize my skin, I put on etude house BB cream on my whole face, L'Oreal concealer on my dark eyes (Thanks to Baby Calysta!) and etude house magic cushion by dabbing it (dabbing instead of wiping it) and I SKIP compact powder. By using the combination of BB Cream & Magic Cushion, I find that I can achieve Korean natural dewy look without effort. It's really easy!

** On my cheeks, I apply 2 little dots on each of my cheekbone Etude House fresh cherry tint in hot pink and layer up with Magic cushion to give me that natural dewy & a little Korean 'wet' look! Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint is so perfect for cheeks as well!

Eyes: Maybelline big eyes (BR-2), Essence eyebrow powder, dolly wink mascara long, revlon color stay crayon eyeliner in black

* I use eyebrow powder instead of eyebrow pencil to create natural eyebrows as possible

** I also use crayon eyeliner and draw the line as thin as possible to create 'no make-up' bright eyes

*** Followed by natural brown eye shadow and lengthening mascara (I try to avoid volumizing mascara to avoid thick eye make up look)

Lips & cheeks: étude house fresh cherry tint in hot pink.

*To create gradient lips, firstly I apply a thin layer of lip tint on my whole lips, after a few seconds (lip tint color is about to dry), I apply a thicker layer of lip tint on the inner side of my lips all the way to the middle side of my lips (like pic below). One lip tint color is good enough to create this Korean lips look! I find that hot pink looks a bit like baby pink to me which I super love! Btw, fresh cherry tint is so moisturizing, I don't even need anything! Nope, don't need lipgloss too!

Hair: Sasa rollers & mucota aire veil for wave 09 (non rinse out hair treatment)

* This hair treatment is recommended by the Korean salon I did my hair earlier and it keeps my wavy hair in a nice shape for quite long. After using the hair treatment lotion, I roll my hair for a while (I can do other things like taking shower, feeding my kids, doing make-up, etc) and when I'm about to go out from my house, I take off my hair rollers and my hair looks naturally amazing without any extra efforts spent! I apply a bit of argan oil if I find my hair is a little dry!

And here's the final look! It's really simple and it makes me looking younger (than my real age) and fresher. Thumb Up to Korean Make-Up!

Looking beautiful doesn't need too much effort, right? :)


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