Thursday, 29 September 2016

Japan Trip - Kyoto & Kimono & Temple

If you read my previous trip about Osaka-Japan here, the city I visited next was Kyoto. Although I had only a day to visit Kyoto, but Kyoto was truly my best and memorable trip to Japan and I would recommend you to visit Kyoto! It was full of history, very nice for photo taking and my favorite part was I WORE Japanese traditional costume, The Kimono! I was very excited and I felt like a Japanese princess in a day despite the many layers of inner clothes and I felt so hot and sweating inside but it was all worth the experience! Sharing with you so many beautiful pictures and sorry for uploading and jamming this page with too many of my Kimono pictures here! I couldn't help because it was my first time wearing Kimono and I was overwhelmed with everything! Hahaaa...

The express train we took from Osaka to Kyoto was less than 2 hours journey, we started our trip at around 10am and we reached Kyoto before 12pm. We explored Gion District, took photos and went back to Osaka (our hotel) around 7-8pm! Since we didn't have much time, we only visited the most interesting and famous district in Kyoto, Gion District, Kyoto's most famous Geisha district! I swore by this! It was indeed very interesting!

Express Train to Kyoto

Beautiful Gion District

Exploring the city before I changed into Japanese Kimono!

There were many Japanese Temples at Gion District where I saw many tourists wearing traditional Japanese Kimono at the temple and that's where I was so interested to rent and wear the Kimono and I even asked a bakery shop where can I find a Kimono rental and that's how I found my Kimono hahaa :P
One of the temples and how it looks like from the outside. Some are simple design and some look luxurious

Simple design
More 'luxurious' design
Temple is absolutely a cozy, breezy and windy place to just sit down & chillax

Temple looks like this from the inside. A very empty but quiet place
Cozy temple
Inside the temple
Very interesting ceiling at the Temple :)

Every temple has this unique washing place and the spring water is really refreshing. The water is cold and it's perfect for hot sunny day we're visiting 
Gion District

Kimono Rental! I think for 1 day rental, it was about 6,000 Yen and hair clip was additional 500 Yen!The rental came with a traditional Japanese bag, hair-do, slippers and Japanese socks (I can bring back home the white socks). There were so many Kimonos available for ladies and all were so pretty, it was hard for me to choose one. For a better quality kimono set, silk material, the rental is more expensive, 8,000 Yen as I remember!  For a memorable photo, it's totally worth it! That's why I took so many photos in Kyoto! hahaa.. Btw, I felt super hot! There were at least 2 layers of inner clothes and 2 belts underneath my Kimono, all professionally styled by the Japanese Kimono Stylist at the rental studio! It wasn't easy to wear a Kimono yourself I guess! Too many steps required hahaa.. and I didn't dare to drink plenty of water (in the hot weather!) too because I was afraid to go toilet and I couldn't undress or dress up myself back hahaa... yup, that's the thing with Kimono!
A picture with 2 pretty Geisha ladies (not real Geisha of course, the ladies rented the kimono with Geisha make-up)
The big bell at the temple!
Another Geisha :) very memorable picture!
and now Kimono photos spamming hahaa..
Went from temple to temple and saw so many ladies dressing up in Kimono and somehow it just made me feel so special :) it's like being one part of the beautiful culture for a day!
cold spring water to wash hands!
Another temple
A group of geisha
Another Kimono rental! You can find plenty at Kyoto!
Japanese Traditional House!
Ring the bell at one of The Temples
super cooling spring water can be found in every temple :)
Dressing up as a Geisha can really attract a lot of attention :)
Japanese Traditional House
Sitting at the temple hall comfortably
very cozy place to relax :)
Temple Gate
Ladies wearing beautiful & colorful Kimono. Very elegant!
Another memorable picture with a group of Geisha :)
Shops :)
Hungry! my lunch was this nice tempura udon! Yummy!
lots of selfie too hahaa..
I guess people were writing and hanging their wishes here :)
with hubby and that's our only 'together' picture hahaa.. Man doesn't like to take photo. Full Stop!
Done with Kimono! Finally felt so relief hahaa.. it's like I can go to pee now!! Green tea ice cream was very nice and refreshing!
Kyoto was simply beautiful and so rich of culture and history! And I will absolutely come back again with my kids and they will wear Kimono together with me and imagining little Calysta wearing the matching Kimono with me, I just can't wait to visit Kyoto again! Bye-Bye Japan, I will absolutely be missing you! LOVE!!!

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