Monday, 17 June 2013

Ethan James is 7 weeks old!


My baby boy is 7 weeks old now, how time flies!! Hardly have any time to update blog but I'm here to post some pictures of my precious little angel :) A quick blog update as I'm extremely busy taking care my little baby!!

All of the pictures are just extracted from my facebook :)

He's clearly one happy baby!

His hairstyle is just too funny hahaha...


His grumpy face...

 Flirty boy!!

Tummy time! Able to lift his head up high now at 7 weeks!!
Dear Son, you are a bundle of joy to love & embrace, two little feet, ten little toes, too little time , will soon go your own way but your little footprints will be in my mind forever because the next time I look, I will be seeing a grown man, mommy loves you so much little darling, Ethan James

He is the best thing that ever happened to me and I'm feeling so grateful every single day having him in my life, how can I love someone that much? I love him that much until I think my heart is breaking & melting with happiness

 I had my baby shower when Ethan James was 4 weeks old, in western culture, baby shower is to be celebrated when a lady is 7 or 8 months pregnant but in our culture, baby shower is celebrated when the baby is already outside the mummy's tummy and one month old or we called it full month celebration
Me & Son
I'm still providing breast milk to my son and look at my fridge, I always make sure I have some extra bottles for him :)

My post delivery body @ 7 weeks... Lost 15 kg so far, yay!! 10 more kg to go!! Good luck to me!


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