Monday, 27 January 2014

Korean Ulzzang Inspired Look/Make-Up Tutorial

Anyone here obsessed with the super pretty Korean gal (her look-her makeup-her fashion style)? I have to admit I'm little obsessed!! They are amazingly the perfect 10. Plastic Surgery or Natural, who cares? Nonetheless, they are so pretty and they are kind of my inspiration in doing my make up or dressing up.. I know I can't be like them (if only possible with plastic surgery, but sorry, I'm not keen of going under the knife and I'm not that ugly either, so who cares?) However, I'm blessed with talent to do make up, so I can look pretty & presentable.. :)

Wanna get Korean Inspired Look? I CAN do that with MAKE-UP! Make-Up is so magical, it can totally transform somebody from Zero to Hero (literally)

I have done quite a few Korean inspired look and this time round, I'm gonna challenge myself to do Korean Ulzzang look.. Ulzzang is a popular South Korean term literally meaning "best face" or "good-looking" and you can google "ulzzang", you will find heaps of super pretty faces in the internet!

Anyway, I created this look and I found it's pretty easy to do.. Pretty much focusing on good complexion, nicely shaped nose, nice eyes & tiny lips.. Plus you can wear this make-up every day & promise it won't make you look like a freak.. It's not overwhelming at all! Pretty yet wearable, so wanna try it??

This is the final look and let's follow how I create this look :)

Start with moisturizing your face (I use Hada-Labo Essence), applying BB cream & loose powder (I use Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream in Bright Fit and Etude House Shining Dream loose powder)

Left: After applying BB Cream
Right: After applying loose powder

Result: Flawless complexion as you can see in the picture.. I feel like Korean already, lol! But seriously I super love Etude House BB Cream & Shining Dream Powder, it's not only making my complexion flawless like Korean gal, but it's moisturizing too, I don't feel dry or anything!

Sorry for the messy eyebrow, I start with basic color like white across my entire lid

Then start with glittery blue eye shadow on my eyelid

 Next, apply one color (blue) lighter from my upper eyelid

 Then, touch up with silver glittery eye shadow on the inner corner of eye

Next, apply eyeliner 

Top pic: before eyeliner
Bottom pic: after eyeliner                                                        

Next is to use either or both black eyeliner or/and black glittery eye shadow on the lower lid. Apply half, from pupil to the outer corner.. It makes eyes appear bigger and sharper!

Next, you can either use brush or fingers to apply pinkish color on your cheek to imitate Korean prefect complexion (Korean perfect complexion = Fair skin + Natural Pinkish Cheek). I prefer to use fingers to apply as I suck at using brush, my fingers are better than any brushes!

Next, apply either mascara or natural type falsies to complete the eye make up.. I love my Tsubasa eyelashes (No. 10, Sweet Cat) It's pretty short, curly & natural! :)

Korean gal has perfectly shaped nose, so I use light brown eye shadow to make my nose appear slimmer & white eye shadow to make my nose taller :) Can you see the difference?

Final step, I create the famous Korean Gradient Lips, it gives youthful & innocent look, just like those gals in Korean drama.. Apparently, gradient lips are a trend now!
I use my concealer to conceal my lips, then apply bright pink color on my inner lips :)

You can apply either bright/dark pink or soft pink.. I love soft pink! My full lips appear smaller too :)

I'm done and below is my final Ulzzang inspired look :) What do you think?

Have a blessed day!

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