Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Prince James is 9 months old +

Hello Dearest Aunties & Uncles,

My full name is Ethan James Lim, people love to nick-name me Baby EJ.. Mom & dad call me EJ, sometimes dad calls me "EJ boy-boy" or "Mr. James" and mommy loves to call me "darling" And ohh, my ah-ma or grandma calls me my Chinese name "Fong-Fong" (My actual Chinese name is Lim Zheng Fong) And my other grandma from my mommy's side and her relatives call me "Ethan"

Whatever names you would like to call, I'm okay with it, as long as you don't confuse me, yeah... :)

I'm 9 months & 10 days old & I'm the most active baby in the universe (that's according to my mommy). Mommy says I'm super naughty too!

Before I tell you more about my 9th month update, I would like to wish you "Happy Chinese New Year 2014" and I hope aunties & uncles & anyone reading mommy's blog have a super awesome horse year. And lastly, I hope in this horse year, mommy is able to give me a little brother or sister (although a little sis would be awesome) so I won't be lonely playing by myself anymore :) So, people, wish mommy lots of baby dusts, yeah?

Daddy, Mommy & Me

Me & Mommy.. I hate car seat & never liked to be put in the car seat, so mommy is my car seat & she's super safe, I don't need a safety belt either :)

Another family portrait, if you ask me, who's mommy? I'm not sure too, I know she speaks different languages that sometimes can be too confusing to me, mmm... let me guess, perhaps she's Indonesian? Indonesian Chinese? but she doesn't look Chinese to me! never mind, I love mommy the way she is :)

Here are little facts about me:

Fact no.1: I'm a muscular baby, look at my muscular arms & sexy back.. I'm really strong too, as a 9 month old baby, I'm able to lift mommy's handbag, weighs about 2.5 kg with my 2 tiny fingers and hold on for a few minutes and mommy's iPad air is easily lifted up with my one hand.. I'm also able to push daddy's heavy dining chair.. I weigh 10.7 kg & many assumed a 10.7 kg baby at 9 months old is a fatty little thing, in fact I'm not fat, I'm heavy because of my muscles.. I inherited my muscular body from my daddy... Like father, like son :)

Facts no 2: I was born with grey eyes and my eyes stayed grey until I was 4 months old then slowly changed to dark brown eyes.. Wish those gorgeous grey eyes could stay longer..
Fact no 3: I have natural brown hair, my hair looks golden light brown under the sun & reddish brown under the room light.. Inherited hair color from mommy. Most of the times, mommy can't capture my light hair color in her camera (and she loves to use photo filter too), so my hair looks kind of dark in most pictures

This is how my natural hair color looks like (with no direct sunlight or light) and I'm pretty lucky, I don't need to color my hair when I grow up :)

Okay, let's get back to my 9th month update... I'm currently 10.7kg & 77 cm tall at 9 months old and I look like a mini-toddler :D

You know, I had my 9th month jab last week and mommy was very proud of me because I had blood test done & I didn't drop a single tear.. It shocked mommy to see my tiny finger got poked by a needle & my blood being taken drop by drop (nurse pressed my index finger over & over again to draw a full tube of blood) I never cried at all.. I'm strong little boy!! and I'm after my name "Ethan" means "strong"  So, yeah mommy's super proud of me!

I just got my Singapore Passport and I'm ready to go to my great-grandma's house in Jakarta.. Mommy, when are we flying?

Mommy said I'm super naughty! I planned to escape from my play yard! Mommy said "Kenneth Lim (my daddy's name), THIS NAUGHTY BOY!!! Oh Gosh, he's only 9 months old & he has figured out how to escape from his crib, he climbed up into his table & planned to escape, luckily we caught him or he could have fallen down, geesh, we removed his table now but we are sure he will figure out how to escape without table, sigh! Naughty boy!! "

My other milestones:

*            I'm able to wave "bye-bye"
**          I'm able to do "Gong Xi- Gong Xi"
***        I'm able to walk a few steps without holding into anything
****      I'm able to finger feed myself (baby puffs or biscuits)
*****    I know causes & effects. Example: If I pretend to cry, mommy will carry me up.
******  I know how to make "" sound and mommy finds me cute :)
******  If I hold it, it's mine, that's my rule, whatever it's, it can be a feeding bottle, a cookie, a plastic container or mommy's iphone/ipad.. If I hold it, it's mine, if you dare to snatch it from me, I will give you the most pathetic cry EVER!!

Okay, that's all about me for this month :) Enjoy my photos :)

Making funny mouths.. My favorite is ducky mouth (top, 3rd pic from the left)

Mommy's boy looking good in daddy-inspired-outfit, 3/4 formal slim fit shirt with skinny jeans & high rise sneakers

Ang Bao, oh yes I love it, but what it's inside? Can I eat it?

Oh wow, I'm one lucky baby, mommy said my first CNY money is for my saving :)


Cya, uncles & aunties & mommy's blog readers, until next writing :)

~Baby EJ~

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