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My Most Favorite Baby Stuff Part 1

Hello Moms-to-be and Fellow New Moms

Have you ever had this thought "What is good & What should I buy for my baby?"

I had & I still have!

When I was pregnant with Baby EJ, I didn't have many mommy friends and even I had some, they weren't close to me, so honestly I was the way to shy to ask their recommendation what baby stuff/brands should I buy. There are too many in the market and sometimes, it can be confusing to choose too, right?

I experienced that! I didn't have anyone to ask or recommend me, so I bought based on whatever reviews I found online.. Pretty sad, isn't? I also bought whatever I found in baby expo, store, etc.. Bought based on certain promotion too.. (I bought when the deal was good without knowing more knowledge about the brands) As result, I bought so many 'wrong' baby stuff and I needed to re-buy & try other brands and to see if it's better for my baby... Yes, it was frustrating & I spent lots of money on different brands, but you know what, they said "Experience is the best teacher..", apparently it's true and at least now I pretty much know what is my favorite & for my next baby, I absolutely know what to buy! :)

I'm sharing with you my most favorite baby products and I hope my sharing can be useful for you, especially if you are mom-to-be, not sure what to buy, etc...

Here are my recommendations :)

1) Favorite Breast Pump: Medela Freestyle

It's double electric breast pump and I swear by it! When I was pregnant, I bought other electric breast pump based on sales promoter's recommendation at baby expo because I didn't know what to buy, no one recommended me, I was lost & had ZERO knowledge on breastfeeding.. My first breast pump hurt me like crazy until I found my favorite breast pump, Medela Freestyle.. This one is really expensive but it's like so so so worth it!! Pump efficiently & super comfortable! Highly recommended for breastfeeding moms!

P/S: I have quit breastfeeding at 8 months and I will definitely keep this breast pump for my next baby!

2) Favorite Baby Carrier: Ergo Baby

Before I bought Ergo, I had 2 other brands, one was a super famous & crazily expensive brand and another one was a cheap carrier my husband bought overseas when he was on business trip.. The expensive one was uncomfortable, hot and a bit difficult to wear it myself.. So, I didn't have much faith in baby carrier until a friend of mine introduced Ergo Baby.. I'm so in love with this baby carrier & so far, my most favorite.. Highly Highly recommend this to moms-to-be or new moms looking for good baby carrier. Why I love it? It's super easy to wear, I don't need help at all to wear this carrier (bear in mind Baby EJ weighs almost 11 kg), it's super duper easy to wear, comfortable for both me & Baby EJ (he can fall asleep in this carrier), it's not hot (I love the cotton material), I don't experience any body ache (back, hip, shoulder, etc).. No ache at all!

Because I love this baby carrier so much, I bought 2! Mine is original type. I bought one for myself which I adjusted perfectly according to my body size & another one for my mom-in-law & helper, so they can use too! Totally worth the $ and I think I can't live without this baby carrier.. I wear it many times every day and also Baby EJ just wants to be carried & walked to sleep in this baby carrier before transferring him to his cot.

3) Favorite Bottle Cleanser: Tollyjoy

I love it because I just need to pump a little amount and I can wash many already.. Save $ and easy to clean & rinse!

4) Favorite Baby Hair & Body Wash: GAIA

I love it because it's organic, 2 in 1, it makes Baby EJ's skin super smooth & it's super suitable for Baby EJ's scalp.. Previously I used other brand from Japan but I noticed Baby EJ had lots of white dandruff, so I changed his hair & body wash. So far, it's the most suitable hair wash for his sensitive scalp.. No more dandruff & his hair is super smooth too (and shiny!).. It's super expensive, $45 plus if I'm not wrong for one 500 ml bottle but absolutely worth the $! :)

5) Favorite Pants Diaper: Merries Walker Pants

Super love this! Comfortable, it doesn't cause rashes, the rubber material is soft & it doesn't cause red marks, plus the pants material is soft but good! I tried other brand, but I noticed the cutting left some red marks on Baby EJ's thighs & the material was not good (loose thread all over his walker pants  when he was extremely active & couldn't stop moving). I tried many, so far, Merries is the best! Expensive though but best! I only use Merries Walker Pants in the morning & afternoon. For night time, I use other brand with higher absorbency 

6) Favorite Night Diaper: Mamy Poko Extra Dry

So far my favorite for night diaper.. It absorbs urine very well & keeps him dry for the whole night. Normally I will put Baby EJ on this diaper at 9PM and the next morning, 6AM, he will wake up for milk & I will change his diaper at the same time.. 9PM to 6AM is 9 hours and so far no leaking! No diaper rash too! Absolutely my favorite!

7) Favorite Steam Sterilizer: Pigeon

It's huge, double-deck and able to steam many bottles at the same time! Super effective! I just need to wash his feeding bottles at one goal & steam it together, that's it!

8) Favorite Baby Bottle: Avent

So far, Baby EJ's favorite. He loves the teat because it's not too wide (his mouth is pretty small and he can't take wide neck teats well), so far he's doing well with Avent teat as it's not too wide for his tiny mouth and the teat is pretty soft too.. Baby EJ doesn't want to drink milk from hard or not-too-soft teats.. I think soft teats remind him of mommy's boobs, perhaps?

9) Favorite Baby Pajamas: Mothercare

Seriously my favorite & I don't buy his pajamas from other brands, except Mothercare.. Super comfortable & suitable for his tall body. He can wear 1 size for many months.. He's currently wearing 12-18 months :)

10) Favorite Baby Wipes: Pigeon

I love this because it doesn't give him rashes! Gentle for his skin too.. I only use baby wipes when he poops! Other than that, I use water! Plenty of water to clean him!

11) Favorite Baby Powder: Kodomo Lotion Powder

I love it because it's dust free, cooling & suitable when the weather is super hot & Baby EJ sweats a lot! I apply this on his neck, armpits & arms to prevent rashes and he loves it because it feels cool :)

12) Favorite Blanket: Grobag Sleeping Bag

I never used blanket! First reason, SIDS, I don't want to risk it! Second reason, it's nearly impossible to put blanket on Baby EJ, he kicks it away, within minutes ~ he's blanket-less! So, I super love sleeping bag or wearable blanket, it's safe for Baby EJ & keeping him warm in our air-conditioned room too! I bought 2 other brands previously but didn't like it because the zip got stuck & broke easily and the material was not that suitable for air-con room.. I love Grobag Sleeping Bag because it has different togs (warmth ratings). Example: 1.0 tog is for warmer Asian country (21-23 degree). 0.5 tog is for room temp (24-27 degree), etc.. Another reason I love it is because it's pretty big (he's wearing 6-18 months comfortably), it's easy to zip up or down and most importantly, the zip lasts long & NEVER got stuck, not even once.. Super durable! Baby EJ is sleeping in a 24 degree air con room every night & he's wearing 1.0 tog grobag sleeping bag with Mothercare baby romper sleepsuit.. So far, he feels super comfortable & can sleep for the whole night! :)

P/S: I bought Grobag wearable blanket from Baby Online Singapore

I'm sure I will have more favorites next time and yes, I'm going to share again.. Hope it's useful for your baby shopping and remember it takes many 'wrongs' to get one 'good' product, but it's worth it! :)

Until Next Sharing,
~Mommy of Baby EJ~

PART 2 - My Most Favorite Baby Stuff

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  1. Hi, do you think you can share baby stuffs liked toys? Although my baby is 1year old, but I am still clueless what kind of toy to buy for him.