Friday, 14 February 2014

Romantic/Sweet Love Inspired Look

Happy Valentine's Day!!!
This Valentine I got a big surprise from dearest hubby :) He's currently overseas, so I thought "alright, no worries, no Val's, but it's okay!" but you guess what? This morning, I received a delivery! He sent me flower! I thought he wouldn't send me anything since we are married with one kid, but I was wrong, he's still the same romantic guy I dated 3 years ago :)

Today I read the letter my husband sent me 3 years ago & it was the sweetest writing I ever received in my whole life.. I truly believe in fate.. How could I not? My husband was the man I met in the exhibition during my business trip 3 years ago & our friendship was long distance for 2 months and on our first date (or our 2nd meeting) he proposed to me with a huge Swarovski love crystal, could you imagine you would be engaged to someone you knew for 2 months & you met for the 2nd time?
Long story cut short, a year after his proposal, we got married & another year later, we had our little bundle of joy known as Baby EJ.. Our love is madness but magical!

The Love Letter <3 & The Engagement Crystal

The beautiful surprise he sent me today 14-02-2014

Another surprise I got today is from Etude House, thank you Etude House for your gorgeous Play Color Eyes Palette & 2 sets of Chocolate Kiss Perfumed Lip Set :) Super Love it!!

I thought since he's overseas, I wanna surprise him too, so I did Romantic/Sweet Love Inspired Make-Up & I hope my husband loves it <3
This look is perfect for Valentine, Wedding Anniversary or even romantic dating with your boyfriend or husband.. It's sweet & lovely, perfect for beautiful princesses who are in love <3

This is the final look of Romantic/Sweet Love Inspired Make-Up

Let's get started!

I have my base (BB cream, concealer, etc) on already and I start with Etude House Play Color in Party Gold across my entire lid

 Then, apply "Temptation" on my eyelid

Touch up with "Party Gold" by dabbing eyeshadow on eyelid gently to create shimmery eye effect

Then apply "Snow Queen" in the middle to create the "pop-up shimmery effect"

And apply the gorgeous "Burning Red" above the crease line

Now, for the lower lid:
#1st apply no.1 on the middle of lower lid towards the end
#2nd apply no.2 from the middle towards inner corner of eye
#3rd apply no.3 by dabbing the eyeshadow from the middle towards inner corner of eye to create fresh eye look

Put on eyeliner (you can draw it longer to create sharper sexy eyes) and natural looking fake eyelashes

For the lips, I love this super sweet Korean-inspired gradient lips. 1st, apply on Etude House Chocolate Kiss #2, Peach Kiss on the entire lips, then 2nd, apply red lip color on inner lips.. It looks like your lips are bleeding but sweetly :)

Final step, you can draw a little "love" shape on your face with gel eyeliner or if you think a "love" shape on your face looks funny, you can skip it too! :)

 Done & again happy valentine's day!!!


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