Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Natural Honey & Aloe Vera Face Mask

Today I made super awesome Natural DIY Face Mask.. I did Natural Honey + Aloe Vera Face Mask

What you need:

1) One spoon of raw honey
2) Organic Aloe Vera Gel (you can get it from pharmacies I believe) or you can use the real aloe too if you want too ;)

Btw, I actually bought this organic aloe gel for my baby boy when he had bad nappy rashes & eczema on his face.. It worked like wonder, within 2 days, his rashes & eczema were completely gone! So, it's good on my baby, it's good on my face too!! ;) 

How to make:

1) Put Aloe Vera Gel in the fridge (for cooling effect)
2) Mix Raw Honey and Organic Aloe Vera together. Stir Well
3) Apply on face for 10-20 minutes (I applied mine for 15 minutes & the cooling effect on my face felt so good, especially after having sleepless night taking care a fussy baby. I deserve this!)

This mask is perfect for sensitive skin (like mine). Cold aloe vera gel soothes inflammation, perfect for irritated skin and I also think it's perfect for hot weather like Singapore ;)

Honey is natural treatment people used in the past for acne, marks, scars, spots & blemishes. Honey is not only blessed with powerful skin saving antioxidants but also contains amazing anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

Natural Honey + Aloe Vera Face Mask soothes my tired skin.. The cooling effect from this mask is just amazing! Having this mask on and relaxing myself from my baby duty, even it's only 15 minutes, but it refreshes me so so much & I'm kind of ready to be a full time mom again ;)

My skin looks good ;) although I have no make-up on (no BB cream, etc) Thanks Goodness!

I started to appreciate natural beauty when I became a mother. Motherhood can be pretty hectic and often, I don't have time for make-up when I go out with my baby.. At first, I felt naked & less attractive without make-up on but after a while going out with no make-up (not even BB cream), my confidence level just improved along with my growing baby.. And I'm now okay with natural beauty (I don't mind going out looking like this!) most importantly, the beauty inside matters the most ;)

Besides, I'm currently on 14 days diet & detox plan to lose the last 3 kg of pregnancy weight. I'm on oatmeal, fruits, yogurts, veggie soup, plenty of water & nothing else.. To start on, day 1: Morning & Afternoon ~ I ate as per normal but in smaller portion. Night: oatmeal & banana (I started gently on day 1 to prevent tummy-ache) I felt hungry & craved for foods.. Today~day 2: Oatmeal, fruits & yogurts and plenty of water.. Surprisingly my body's starting to get used to it and I didn't feel that hungry anymore.. A good thing is I woke up with good complexion & SLIMMER FACE (my goodness).. I guess detox does improve skin condition and it reduces water retention too (thus my face became slimmer, ah-ha!).. Will update everything on my blog 2 weeks later & hope it works, so other mommies can try it out too ;)


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