Tuesday, 4 March 2014

My little boy is 10 months old

My baby boy, Ethan James Lim is 10 months & 6 days old today.. Can you believe it? He's not a little baby anymore, although he will always remain little in my heart <3
Motherhood has not always been easy for me.. It has ups & downs.. I have my sweet moments like waking up next to my baby, seeing him being so attached to me and when he hugs me.. But I have my not-so-sweet moments too, like when he doesn't sleep well at night, he refuses to eat and he's sick! Anyway, having a baby is always not easy as baby doesn't come with manual instruction. Nevertheless, being a mother is the most rewarding job ever & he's the best gift I ever received from heaven :)
Hey, he's going to be 1 year old next month, April.. Soon, too soon, he's entering toddlerhood. Babyhood is going to be over pretty soon!
Here are his updates & milestones at 10 months old:
1) Walking. He can walk 5-10 steps without holding into anything.
2) Bottle-feed himself. He can feed himself but I just let him bottle-feed water himself. Not milk because it's gonna be too messy!
3) He hated baby spa so much.. He didn't enjoy himself & cried.. At the end, I paid almost $50 for less than 5 minutes swimming lesson.. Money burnt & lesson learnt. No more baby spa for this little man!
4) He has quite nice hair (pretty thick & quite luscious for a baby) and I should count it as a blessing (hey, at least he's not bald). but the problem is he hated having haircut so so much. Less than a month ago, I brought him to cut his hair and he cried like hell.. Like seriously, the whole hair-cutting process, he cried like he's being tortured or something.. Cried out of breath! :'( He broke my heart by crying & I doubt if I want to bring him to have another haircut next time..
His hair grows so fast & thick (thanks to organic baby shampoo I have been using on him), but then how to cut?
5) He has bad temper. Example: when he holds something and we take it away from him.. He will scream & cry and then when we give it back to him, he's already upset & doesn't want it anymore and just wants to continue crying. Even when he sees something & he wants it. He MUST have it. If he doesn't have it, he will cry, oh dear!
6) He's imitating sounds & facial expressions.. Too cute for this milestone! Example: when I say "da-da-da-da...." he will also follow that! Then when I say "what a sleepy mommy, hoammmmmm....." he can't follow exactly, but he will laugh and follow by a long "ahhhhhhhhhhh......" LOL!
7) It still takes the whole village to feed him.. Sometimes I get jealous when other mommies said their babies are big eaters and love to eat porridge. Jealous! It's a struggle to feed him just one spoon of porridge & it seems like forever for one or two spoons of solid go into his stomach.. Sometimes, I feel sad too.. Why can't he eat? I have tried so many methods (playing, being a stupid clown mommy, offering him new toys, even random stuff to play during mealtime like tomato, orange, apple, plastic bottle, magazine, etc) but he's just not interested in eating. I have tried different foods too but he's not interested at all.. Finger feeding him with bread dipped with oatmeal worked a little but after a few mouths, he's again not interested! Luckily, he's drinking milk pretty well!
Anyway, I have been struggling to feed him for quite sometimes..
When he started solid (at almost 5 months old). It seemed so easy & he was interested in eating. I thought I wouldn't have this problem but little did I know, he started to refuse foods when he entered the 7th month & getting more & more difficult as months went by.
I just hope one day, just one day, he will eat well again!
8) He sleeps with us.. It has been almost one month baby EJ sleeping with us (me & dearest husband). Baby is in the middle. He's not sleeping well in his baby cot and he wakes up many times, like almost every hour. Waking up crying! So, I brought him to sleep next to me, patting his butt to calm him & he slept. Although not instantly, but at least he slept!
Right now, he still wakes up 2-3 times every night and he can't sleep through well yet.. Once or sometimes twice for milk and other times, he just cries and needs to be calmed down.. I'm not sure why too..
9) Baby EJ has 5 teeth (2 lower & 3 upper). Teething baby can be so difficult to take care.. Baby EJ was very cranky & waking up every 1-2 hours every night since his little teeth buds pooped out.. He slept at 9 pm, woke up crying at 10 pm, slept & woke up crying again at 12 am, 2 am, 3 am and 4 am for milk, then slept again at 5 or 6 am and finally woke up in the morning at 8 am and he had the sense of insecurity, he just wanted to sleep on our bed, side by side to his mommy.. Teething period was absolutely challenging..

10) Baby EJ sticks to me like a sticky note.. He doesn't want to be alone, not even 1 minute & I have to stay beside him all the time, even in his play yard.. It's a good thing because I know he loves me & I'm that important to him but at the same time, it's super challenging because I have to carry him using baby carrier even I'm in toilet brushing teeth, washing bottles, etc and to carry him while I tidy up my bed and do some house chores... Oh-uh!!

11) He gets scared easily! and that sucks! He's scared of 3 colorful bears from babyTV and certain baby shows scared him too (maybe it's creepy to him). He's scared of strangers and will cry if somebody he doesn't know touch him or attempt to carry him. Often, he cries very easily when I bring him to other places, other than his home! Home sick, perhaps?

But seriously he gets scared too easily.. He freaks out when he sees a little lizard from far. He cries in his deep sleep when my home-phone is ringing. When he's sleeping, a little noise could wake him up crying and we are extra careful on that!

12) He's super active.. Except when he's sleeping, you can't see him sitting down quietly for 1 minute. Literally, he's moving all the time except sleeping! No wonder he's getting skinnier!

13) He gets bored of one thing very very easily.. He only likes one new toy for 10 minutes.. Yes, 10 minutes only to attract his attention & he won't bother playing that new toy anymore!

14) Lastly & finally, no more **sad** updates. Baby EJ or my little Mr James is so flirty & so into pretty & sexy girls.. There was 1 time, he refused to drink milk no matter how many baby videos I offered him, from Mickey Mouse to giggles bellies videos, he was not interested at all ( normally he only drinks if I offer him baby videos) frustratingly, I came out with this crazy idea, I offered him K-POP video, sistar with the song "Give it to me.." And oh gosh, he loved those pretty girls with long legs alot, he finished his milk in 5 minutes.. I'm speechless!!

That's it about baby EJ, not sure if I missed something.. It's a long post and surely I'm gonna read this long post again when he grows up (hey, baby grows up so fast, why not to record their sweet and not-so-sweet moments?)
Baby hates spa
                                                                      He loves to tease you!

He looks like a little angel when he's sleeping.. Thick eyelashes, button nose & tiny lips.. Mommy just can't stop kissing him :*

 How nice if those luscious eyelashes belong to a girl?

His natural hair is wavy, just like me ;)

In Batik shirt my mum bought him. My husband commented he looks like Indonesian kid in batik shirt, hehe..

My little prince who is sometimes looking like a girl..
Brought baby EJ to garden.

Stranger Auntie: ohh, so pretty gal!!!
Me: errr...he's a boy!

A little about me.. Nothing major.. I'm still a SAHM, have lost 2 kg recently (Thanks God, almost back to my pre-pregnancy weight), in the process of getting my Singaporean Citizenship (application has been approved, yay!), trying new sponsored beauty stuff, attending beauty activity, going out for a few appointments, but I'm pretty much staying at home, taking care little EJ..

About TTC baby #2, nah I'm not sure about this now! Taking care baby EJ has been so hard on me, recently it's seriously hard.. Baby EJ just wants to be carried all the time, a little things could easily irritate him & make him cry.. He's so hard to be fed and sometimes it took me so long to soothe him to sleep,  most of the time, it's hard for him to sleep (after a serial of crying & crankiness, he's finally asleep) etc etc.. So Am I ready? A newborn doesn't come easy.. I perfectly aware about problems that could arise from breastfeeding (Oh painful latching & time-consuming pumping), sleepless nights taking care a newborn, a colicky baby, a baby who doesn't want to sleep in baby cot at all and worst, when baby's sick (especially flu & cough, that's the worst and baby suffers so much)

I'm no longer a naive new mum and I perfectly know how hard (and of course sweet) taking care a baby is..

I saw a few pregnant ladies on Facebook claiming how good things are. Everything sounds perfect and good to them.. bla..bla..bla.. is good, bla..bla..bla.. is good and bla..bla..bla.. is good too. Almost every day, posting status & random pictures on how good and good and good things are. First time mums of course!

But, Oh, come on!!

I mean being positive is a good thing and feeling blessed is very good too.. But it's good to learn what to expect after the baby pops out. Being extremely positive is never be good. Come on, baby doesn't come as easy as you think.. It will never be challenging enough until you really have a baby yourself.. I'm just saying as a mother perspective :)  

Anyway, I shall stop here, I have talked too much.

'Till Next Time,

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