Monday, 10 March 2014

DIY Menicure by Etude House Play Nail Colors

I finally colored my nails.. It has been many years I totally ignored my nails.. I just cut it short and I didn't even bother to apply top coat to make it shiny.. I was totally "whatever..." Too lazy!!

I was very lazy to do my own manicure until I recently was given so many free nail colors by Etude House

I can't ignore so many nail colors in my drawer, right? I don't want to waste it.. So, after years of ignoring my poor nails, I painted my nails for the very first time & surprisingly I loved it!

It's not as neat as salon's manicure but that's alright.. It's quite pretty & absolutely no money involved! LOL

Here's nail stuff I used. Sally Hansen Top Coat is pretty lasting.. I put nail stickers on after applying nail colors and then put on Sally Hansen Top Coat on top and my nail colors & stickers stay there for so long.. No chipping at all! The stickers are still intact :) and it has been many days already :)

I'm gonna play with more colors & designs. Hello pretty nails, you're welcome to my beauty world now :)


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