Friday, 21 March 2014

(Sponsored) New Hair Color & New Nano Keratin Hair Treatment by J7 Image

Hello Gorgeous Friends,
I just had my hair done at J7 Image & many many thanks to J7 Image for engaging me as their blogger. I feel so lucky to get my hair treated well every month by J7 Image team :) They are the way too kind :') **feeling touched**
This month, J7 Image talented stylist, Mr. J colored my hair and treated it with the New Nano Keratin Hair Treatment which I will talk about it very soon :)

I was kind of bored with my old hair color, so I thought it's time for a new color, yeah? And my hair was kind of frizzy too, so it was absolutely the right time to get it done by the professionals at J7 Image :)
Before, you see the top is kind of frizzy.. I have natural wavy hair and yes, wavy hair can be pretty dry & frizzy and hair treatment at salon is absolutely a MUST to maintain my thick locks. So far, I only trust J7 Image in treating my hair :)

Before I start, I wanna recommend you to J7 Image's new hair treatment, Nano Keratin which is very effective & powerful in treating frequently chemically treated hair, like mine..
1) It creates new hair tissue and compensates for the loss of inner hair substance caused by chemical treatments. The weakened hair structure is reinforced and strengthened
2) A defense shield wraps around hair to protect it from external aggressions, hence creating +70% more resistant hair fibre
The Pro-Keratin Complex which is used in this treatment interacts with weakened hair, restoring its structure and health, creating +70% more resistant hair fibre, thanks to 3 essential amino acids and wheat protein in this treatment.

Here is the complete set of Loreal Pro-Keratin Refill Products

STEP 1: Cleanse
Pro-Keratin Refill Shampoo enriched with Pro-Keratin, cleanses and compensates the loss of hair substance caused by chemical attacks

STEP 2: Tone
The Powerdose is an essential treatment step to inject hair with keratin to reconstruct the cortex of hair fibre. Hair will repaired and more supple

STEP 3: BOOST (oh yes, it's like hair ironing with this Steam Pod, what an impressive innovation!)
Seals in the nourishment from Powerdose and boost the treatment's efficacy through the application of heat

STEP 4: Treat & Moisturize
The masque moisturizes and nourishes hair, enriching it with the nutrients that it needs for shine and vitality

STEP 5: Protect
Enriched with Xylose known for its thermo protective action. This cream protects hair before a blow-dry and prepares hair for styling

Mr. J colored my hair first before treating it, so this time, he decided on 3 different colors for my hair.. How exciting!! It was also my first time having 3 colors altogether.. The most colors I had were only two, brown with red highlights. That's it! So imagine how excited I was when Mr. J told me he was going to try on dark brown (top), light brown (inside, bottom) and purple (sides). I couldn't wait to see the final result ;D
Coloring in the progress.. Pretty style buns, huh?
Waiting... oh waiting excitedly...
Colored & now being treated by the new Nano Keratin. Mr.J was using Steam Pod on me. Steam Pod is like hair ironing, but using steam. The purpose is to boost the treatment's efficacy through the application of heat.
 Can you see the new color emerging?

By the way, Nano Keratin Hair Treatment is Keratin Hair Treatment (as I explained above) combined with Nano Treatment.. Previously I did my Nano Treatment at J7 Image and the result was wonderful, so check out my Nano Treatment with J7 Image HERE
And the price for Nano Keratin Hair Treatment is S$197

I would highly recommend it, guys if you have frequently chemically - treated hair (like mine). It helps a lot in restoring my hair fibre and thus, strengthens my colored hair.. Although my hair is colored, it doesn't break easily :)

Almost there

Deng-Deng-Deng.... How is it??
I super love the final result.. Awesome trio-color and super smooth hair!

With my stylist, Mr. J :) He has super funky hair, doesn't he?

Nice??? I super love it! My hair looks kind of dark if you see from behind but if you see from in front, it's light or golden brown inside at the bottom with some purple color at the sides.. Sounds cool, huh? And oh, wow, it looks healthy-shiny too, right?

Nice colors :) I look like a super trendy mommy now, hehe...

J7 Image located at 14 Scotts Road #02-14 Far East Plaza Singapore 228213. + 65 67355195,
Until Next Time,
~ Netty ~

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