Monday, 7 September 2015

Singapore’s Largest Breastfeeding Event to Break Singapore’s Book Of Records

On 29th August 2015, In celebration of World Breastfeeding Month, I was invited to the largest ever breastfeeding event in Singapore, organized by Thomson Medical with the support of Phillips Avent, Spring Maternity, Passion Card, NTUC U Family and HeyBaby SG in an attempt to break the Singapore Book of Records for the largest ever event of breastfeeding mums breastfeed together at the same time. The breaking record was achieved! 154 mothers breastfeeding at the same time!

The renowned lactation expert Mrs Wong Boh Boi, Senior ParentCraft Educator of Thomson Medical Centre, was also present to share insights on breastfeeding to encourage mothers to breastfeed.

According to Health Promotion Board’s National Breastfeeding Survey 2011, most mothers in Singapore would initiate breastfeeding after birth. However, only 30 per cent would continue to do so exclusively for at least two months.

Thomson Medical believes that breastfeeding has numerous benefits for both Mum and Baby, and is spearheading this annual Breastfeeding Challenge event to increase the awareness of advantages of breastfeeding. It aims to encourage more mummies to continue breastfeeding longer after birth with exclusive insights and tips!

“Breastfeeding is extremely beneficial for both mothers and their babies. Such benefits include providing optimum nutrition, improves immunity and protects against allergies for your baby, and promote mother-child bonding. Mothers also benefit as breastfeeding helps promote the shrinkage of the uterus to its original size, and also decreases the risk of breast cancer”, shared by Mrs Wong Boh Boi, Senior ParentCraft Educator, Thomson Medical Centre.

I have been breastfeeding baby Calysta since she was born with no formula at all and she's now 9 months old and absolutely meeting every of her milestone, thanks to exclusive breastfeeding and knowledge I learned from ParentCraft Educator at Thomson Medical Centre. Breastfeeding requires good knowledge and dedication. The key of successful breastfeeding is to keep trying & never give up! I intend to breastfeed my baby girl as long as possible!

Mrs Wong Boh Boi sharing her insights and tips on breastfeeding

The breaking record of 154 mothers breastfeeding at the same time in 2015!

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