Monday, 21 September 2015

(Sponsored Review) The New Johnson's Baby Active Fresh Shampoo

I have always been seized by the urge to press my nose against my babies' head the moment they were was born. That long and deep sniffs I will never forget. The smell of sweetness of a baby is the most wonderful scent in the world.
I remember sniffing my baby all the time was the most enjoyable thing I have ever done as a mother after long hours of tiring daily routine such as feeding the baby, changing his diaper, carrying him to sleep and doing house works at the end of the day. Sweet baby scent was like a reward to me, it was like telling me "it's all worth it.."
But sadly the sweet scent of a baby didn't last long. Simply because baby grew up fast ~ newborn to babyhood to toddlerhood & becoming more active, thus here we welcomed the unpleasantly "body sweat". Good bye sweet baby scent and hello "stinky body sweat"
Little did I know, my toddler boy would sweat so much from his activeness ~ running around the playground, jumping like a little monkey, chasing birds at the park and messing up our house and unlike baby's sweet sweat, toddler's body sweat can smell really unpleasant, especially head and hair. No one likes to sniff sweaty head, right?

Afraid no more because I have a solution now for my little stinky toddler!!!

Thanks to the new innovation by Johnson & Johnson, The new Johnson's Baby Active Fresh Shampoo is my new solution to the unpleasant smell of toddler's hair!

The new Johnson's Baby Active Fresh Shampoo makes little EJ's hair smell so good no matter how active he is!

Specially formulated with fragrance that can deliver freshness and cleanness to help toddlers and kids during playtime, the new Johnson's Baby Active Fresh Shampoo has been developed to deliver freshness, remove and prevent malodor.

Little EJ messing up his toys, toddler can be really creative and here he is, lining up his cars one by one and pretending he's the boss!

Enriched with long lasting fresh fragrance, sweat activated fragrance capsules with no more tears formula and mildness for children, the new Johnson's Baby Active Fresh Shampoo technology absorbs body sweat, neutralizes malodor using the malodor neutralization technology and releases long lasting fragrance with sweat triggered freshness using the encapsulated technology
Moreover, it also prevents dirt from sticking to hair, so that hair remains clean and fresh
Another thing that attracted me was the long lasting effect. My boy took his morning bath at 9am and at 6pm, his hair still smelled good despite sweating so much in the day time. The nice scent was still lingered in his hair after so many hours and I was amazed by its long lasting effect on my kid' s hair. I also noticed that when he sweated, he smelled even nicer, thanks to the smart malodor neutralization technology. Talking about scent, it was one of the best scents I have ever smelt. It smelled like combination of fruity scent and powdery musk scent that delivered the scent of sweetness, softness and freshness

Toddler boy who loves his lollipop so much!
Playtime for both kids
The last thing that attracted me was the mildness. It didn't make him teary when the shampoo went into his eyes and it didn't irritate his eyes too thanks to the mild formula in the shampoo. Plus I noticed that his hair becoming softer and more manageable ~ tangle free & frizz free hair. Most importantly, it didn't irritate his scalp. Overall, this shampoo worked well for my toddler boy in terms of mildness & long lasting nice scent and yes I would buy Johnson's Baby Active Fresh shampoo again :)

It's Lego time before kids' bed time. p/s: they really love Lego and they do share & fight
Johnson's Baby Active Fresh Shampoo is available in 2 sizes:
1) 200ml is retailed at $4.50 and
2) 500ml is retailed at $9.95

I'm in love not only with the new Johnson's Baby Active Fresh Shampoo that smells so good but the whole Active Fresh range such as Johnson's Baby Active Fresh Bath and Johnson's Baby Active Fresh Powder.

Johnson's Baby Active Fresh Range I really love!
Johnson's Baby Active Fresh Bath is developed using a mild, easy to lather and rinse formula. It's also infused with Active Fresh technology that eliminates smelly sweat on skin, leaving it clean and smelling irresistible fresh and Johnson's Baby Active Fresh Powder has sweat activated technology that releases a burst of long lasting fragrance when it comes in contact with sweat.
Ideally the whole range of Johnson's Baby Active Fresh should be used together to achieve the maximum of long lasting freshness for your active little ones.

Thank you Johnson's Baby, bath time is really fun now!

Thank you fellow parents for reading my review and let the little one stay fresh longer!

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