Wednesday, 6 April 2016

DIY Princess Birthday Party

I celebrated my princess's 1st birthday party last year in December (4 months ago) and it was a blast!

Proud to say that I didn't hire dessert table service. I did my own princess theme dessert table. Most of the birthday craft items were hand made with love. I paid for the buffet, photographer & venue but the sweet desserts and beautiful decorations are 100% mommy's efforts. All crafted with love for her only princess :)

I planned her birthday party 6 months before her actual birthday. I searched for the venue, emailed them & asked if I could do my own dessert table or not. And after I confirmed the birthday venue, I went ahead with the birthday theme and what were stuff I needed to create theme I liked.

And so I decided on a theme ''Sweet & Glamorous Princess Ballerina'' Simply because I think Calysta would look pretty and cute in baby pink theme :) and I was a girlie girl mommy too. So princess theme was a must to do! I added a bit of glamorous element like gold sequins table cloth and a bit of glittery elements inside to make it as the combination of sweet & glamorous party for my little princess :)

Everything started with an idea how the dessert table would look like. I found inspiration mostly from Pinterest and started to find materials to do the craft works. It was really fun and no stress at all!

Since I had many months ahead before her actual birthday, I took my time to find her dessert table decorations such as tutu table skirt, bird cage, beautiful flowers, glass jars, candy jar, etc. And I also took my time and slowly found the craft materials I needed to make a beautiful dessert table. Whenever I went for shopping, I eyed on something that could be valuable, worth of money and beautifully matched the theme. I didn't rush at all! I shopped a lot online too, particularly at Carousell where I could find cheap and value to buy materials or birthday deco. Daiso and stationery shops nearby my house were good places to shop for cheap stuff as well.

It was pretty easy to do, I wasn't very talented or creative but I managed to make simple but pretty enough decorations for her birthday and I was satisfied enough :) I hope I can give you some inspirations here should you want to try princess theme birthday for your girl ;) DIY is really fun & meaningful, trust me!

DIY Birthday Project :) Everything here was crafted and hand made with love from me for my little princess's 1st birthday. For the step by step how to do it, please visit pinterest app/website because it's actually pretty easy to do (sorry, a bit troublesome for me to write details on how to do it here hehee..) Materials were mostly from Daiso or stationery stores :)

I made many ballerina paper dresses (made by cheap tulle or just paper pom pom), I could use this as pretty cupcake topper or simply just birthday deco. Super simple & easy to do and very pretty :)


The white princess ballerina skirt was made by paper doilies. The colorful paper flowers I bought from craft store

Made by glittery gold paper :)

Super easy & pretty
Ballet shoes

Hand made bird cage

with little bird made by glittery gold paper :)

Paper chair, took a good few hours to hand craft this :)
 Super big paper flower
 Little secret garden, paper made 100% except leaves and white flowers

Her birthday banner design :)

 Handmade birthday goodie bag

 Practicing how to set up a nice dessert table at home a few days before her birthday :)

And the actual dessert table fully set up by mommy herself :)

If you would like to see more photos, here her first princess birthday post :)

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