Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Eyebrow and Eyeliner Embroidery at Brow Studio

Hello beautiful friends...

I have done something quite permanently on my face, okay maybe 'semi permanent' term would be better!

I DID EYEBROW & EYELINER EMBROIDERY! Btw, this post is being partially sponsored but all opinions are sincerely coming from myself and I'm very honest about it!

I've never thought I would do something like this in my life and gosh, eyebrows, who am I kidding? You know how I would freak out if I can no longer wipe off my eyebrow pencil? Yes, I would be lying if I said I wasn't afraid at all! I was afraid, I was afraid of getting funny looking eyebrows and regretting it later, I was afraid of pain, I was afraid my husband would hate it! I worried!


I was also feeling fed up with my super thin, greyish color and not-so-proportional-to-my-face eyebrows. Simply put, when I didn't draw my eyebrows, I looked pale and sick! Thus I couldn't leave the house without drawing my eyebrows!

Long story cut short, I saw how those eyebrow embroideries were being advertised so convincing-ly on Facebook and seeing the results, I was seriously tempted! So I did my research for so long, read bloggers' reviews over and over, again and again! I was just getting paranoid something could go wrong and that's it, I would cry a river hahaa... I know I can always erase it at the salon but it would hurt I guess (come on, something quite permanently like needle & ink cutting through your skin like tattoo but tattoo is much deeper cut of course and I won't buy the idea it wouldn't hurt at all) So I did my research for almost one month and decided to give it a go since I saw a friend of mine did her embroidery very naturally!

ANOTHER THING is the price was mostly very very crazy! The cheapest eyebrow embroidery I found was around $550 and the expensive one was up to $1800, oh my gosh! I was very certain that I wouldn't want to spend my money just like that! So so so, I did my research again through a Vanitee app and I found BROW STUDIO! Wendy, the stylist is very skillful and I saw she did very good & natural eyebrows on her portfolio and I swore, I was hooked! And the price was so reasonable!

Waiting no more, I booked an appointment to let her do the transformation!

Wendy is originally from Taiwan and she has more than 17 years doing eyebrow embroidery at her previous employer which was a big beauty & spa company. She has all the experinces under her belt, very careful and skillful.

She made me really comfortable, no hard selling at all and she was really patient!

Top pic: after I did my eyebrow embroidery. The ink hasn't peeled off yet
Bottom pic: my original eyebrows without eyebrow pencil :/

No make up pic! Wendy helped me to draw the shape I liked which was pretty thick and Korean looking :) and Wendy was very patient, helping me to draw different shapes and asking me to choose my favorite!

Numbing cream in progress! No pain at all!

After 10 minutes on numbing cream, Wendy started her work! Her needle had been sterilized well and it was new in a new packaging and she threw it away after she was done! She was really professional! She started to embroider my eyebrow and I didn't feel pain at all when the needle cut through into my skin. I felt funny hahaa... like something was scrathing my skin but I didn't feel anything! 30-40 minutes later, I was re-born with a pair of brand new eyebrows! Woo-hoo!

Top pic: after I had my embroidery. Can you see Wendy did stroke by stroke 6D eyebrow? The result was very natural!
Bottom pic: 1 week after eyebrow embroidery. The ink has peeled off and it looked so much more natural!

I want to show you my pic with full make up 3 days after my eyebrow embroidery and I looked kinda funny with thick eyebrows (ink hasn't peeled off yet)

And you see the difference 1 week later? so so so much natural! Just like I was naturally born with nice shaped eyebrows hahaa...

One happy lady :) And my new eyebrows compliment my face nicely :)

One month later, I decided to go for one free touch up session before I went to Japan. Ugly pic here hahaaa.. numbing cream in progress again

Done! Wendy gave me complimentary eyeliner embroidery too! I had eyeliner embroidery more than 10 years ago and the color had faded and nice Wendy offered her service at no cost  (as part of blog review sponsorship, I'm being honest here!) :) My eyes were swollen a little bit in this pic but the result was so natural, like you can't tell I had my eyeliner done too! To me, eyeliner was more sensitive and a little bit painful although personally it was bearable in overall!

The 1 week waiting time for the ink to peel off felt so long! I was in agony! My eyebrows really looked funny when the ink hasn't peeled off yet and I got teased often by my husband for looking so strange and fierce hahaa.. although I couldn't be bothered at all with stares from strangers hahaaa.. My little boy, EJ kept staring at me too and he laughed at my funny face, lol!

A few days after touch up, ink was still there and my face looked kinda stiff with thick funny looking drawn thickly like eyebrows hahaa..

2 weeks after that! Ink has peeled off fully! Yay! Very natural as you can see! I didn't apply anything on my eyebrows

and now, here I am :) I put on light brown eyebrow mascara in this picture because light brown mascara will soften my look in some ways. But even though I don't apply anything, my eyebrows are already perfect, thanks to Wendy :)

Eyebrow embroidery was the best semi permanent cosmetic I have ever done to my face and I didn't regret it at all, oh maybe I regretted it a bit, why didn't I do it earlier? :P

Good eyebrows make my face more proportional and make my facial features stand out as well. The best thing is I don't give a darn when I'm lazy to put make up on and I just go out with a small dab of BB cushion and nude lipstick, I'm all ready! I won't say I look pretty without make up on but quite decent looking with just BB cushion and lipgloss/nude lipstick. At least I do look fresh now without having make-up on, not like last time, sick looking with no eyebrow pencil/make-up on even though I was healthy like a cow! Hahaa... it's seriously a very big difference between having nicely shaped eyebrows or pale looking eyebrows!

Brow Studio eyebrow embroidery price starts from $380++ (not sure if the price has increased now, please check yourself) which I think is very reasonable for that quality service and result and it's located at Blk 450 Clementi Ave 3 #01-297, Singapore 120450 (MRT Exit D), Tel: 6774 1330. Email: browstudio2906@gmail.com

Many ladies came to me and asked me where did I do my eyebrows and I told them I did it at Brow Studio and I heard a friend of mine did hers there too and satisfied with the result! My point is if you want to do something you can't erase easily like this, it's better to read clear and honest reviews or get recommendation from your friends because you can't change anything after you have done it! As for me, I trust Wendy's work and I will return to her again! :)

Stay beautiful,
Netty :)


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    1. Good for you Netty, unfortunately I did not share the same experience like you did. I was quoted a affordable price, but I was being up-sell to take up another type of embroidery which cost additional 1/3 of the pre-quoted price. Personal experience was that the beautician was not patience ...

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